Update firmware, new stuff, query

Hi. Im considering updating to 1.3 to get the tape saturation option. Reading the notes it seems you have to do something via midi to access this… but I dont have a midi controller.
Is that feature, which was pretty well hyped, not available to me then?
If so then thats disappointing. It might be nice in future that the Compression knob is centre null, and one way adds compression while the other does tape saturation, like the “tape noise” parameter that has two options on the same knob


Hi @LaceSensor

Sorry about that. We didn’t want to add another multi-function knob to Ribbons’ already nuanced user interface and so we decided to set it up as a MIDI CC option.

If you’d like, I can create a custom firmware update file for you that is identical to v1.3 but saturation is the factory default. You would just have to do the firmware update and then perform a factory reset.

Let me know if that interests you and I’ll get on it.

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HI Jaak, very kind of you to offer but for the meantime I wouldnt presume to ask for that.
I am going to examine if I have any way to send midi from either my electric piano or a small synth I have (alesis Micron).


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Ok! Just let me know. Really it’s not too much trouble. Would only take me 5-10 mins to make and upload it to the site.

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In that case, sure, because my synth doesnt send CC midi, rather NRPN.

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Hey Jaak, I’m not sure if or when I’ll be sending midi to Ribbons, the option of the compressor or saturation updates would be nice.
Will you make these two options available on the site in the future?

@Rich @LaceSensor sure thing. I’m off today but I’ll try and get to it tomorrow. I’ll release a “saturation default” option for future firmware updates too so that others without MIDI tools can get access to it. I’ll post here when they’re available for download on the Development Blog.


Sorry - today got the better of me and I didn’t end up finishing this. Should be up tomorrow. Thanks for your patience!

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The alternate firmware files that will enable saturation by default are available for download on the Ribbons development blog. You will need to perform a factory reset after updating. Instructions for updating can be found here.


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