Stuff You've Made with Ribbons!

What have you been working on with Ribbons?

Here’s a reel of some demos I made this morning with my Yamaha CP-70 going into Ribbons.

theluncheon · Ribbons Test

00:00 initial settings tweaking — testing various behaviors

1:28 Magnetic Dance example — organ-like texture, sounds like an old broken Farfisa I had!

2:04 filtering and chorus-like effect

4:00 preset 6 sounds killer to me — yes this is a Joe Walsh tune lol

4:45 Eno “Apollo” style underwater effect — I think this was mostly preset 7!

6:31 using tape stop to summon backing texture

7:30 compression test — taking the knob through its full range of motion. dimed out and pounding at the very end — to me it started getting extreme after about 12:00.


I just went live with the Ribbons being fed by a Soma Enner into a Cocoquantus into a Jomox T-Resonator.

Incredible drone capability here. Gorgeous. Again, hats off to Jaak, I’m vibing hard with this thing. I know I’m still honeymooning with it but damn it if it doesn’t just sound good!

FB live linky

All stereo!



Ran a Prophet X through da Ribbons and did all types of mangling. Here’s a couple examples from me just funkin’ around!

  1. Sound Example A
  2. Sound Example B
  3. Sound Example C
  4. Sound Example D

Made a lil thing

0-ctrl, BIA, Desmodus Versio, Clouds, PNS + Squid Salmple + Wasp Filter
All running through Ribbons

Fucked up a patch 1/4 of the way through, but it gets fun when I let PNW drive the 0-ctrl and just play with Ribbons and some of the modules.


Finally got a chance to mess with the looper. A bit frenetic but fun for a first time through.


First post here. Got my Ribbons yesterday and was so excited to jump in! Did a small sketch using it and the Moog Minituar. The OXI Instruments One was used to sequence.

I love this thing.


Compressor and then saturation on the distorted guitar part with full width EQ on Ribbons, and mangled settings to get a chewed up tape effect. Got a little carried with AI animations recently →
Please delete if not appropriate Jaak.


Tomorrow, my first release with the use of my Ribbons to create a long droning sound scape will be out. As I finished uploading my song, I thought it’d be an awesome idea for everyone’s work with the Ribbons to be in a place together, for ourselves and for other people to have a wide range of tastes of what the Ribbons can do. Would enough of you want your music in such playlist?


Yes, that would be awesome!


This is an interesting idea but I would maybe reconsider using Spotify for this activity. Spotify isn’t an accessible platform and requires one to use a paid distributor to upload music, which may exclude many of our users.

I think a more accessible approach would be to merge this post with an existing post called Stuff You’ve Made With Ribbons and then let users share links to tracks they’ve made via Mixcloud, Bandcamp, SoundCloud, or another free streaming platform. Either that or coordinate a playlist on a single free platform.


So far Ribbons is married to Nord Modular G1. It’s amazing that it can make the synth sound pre-recorded to tape or sampled, yet I’m sequencing it in real time! Revolutionary! The reverb is oh so sweet and I love the option of easily making it pre or post fx. Pre giving it that sampled sound. I do a lot of recording to cassette and with this pedal it is possible to achieve a sound that is astonishingly similar even under intense scrutiny. It’s hard to believe that it’s a pedal. Blown away and just getting started with it.

Something I imagined after some inspired tinkering is the opportunity to control the decay and mix amount with a macro knob or fader from an external midi controller. Under single knob control the effect is very fun for quick washes/transitions.

A few days later:

Just now exploring the touch modes. Zoinks, these are sooo fun. This pedal feels like the last effects pedal one would ever need. This is my deserted island pedal for sure. The crushed cassette sounds phenomenal. For a long time I’ve been thinking I want to pay the price for the OTO Biscuit. I think this has me covered. Still exploring and having a blast.


a little shaky video direct audio demo of ribbons as a lofi tape delay with the nord modular g1 providing the spacey synth sounds. the only effects from the other sections are crinkle and a wee bit of hissy noise.


How do you set it for it to become a tape delay? Do you use the disintegration loop?


Yes, it’s a little tricky but you’d basically record with nothing playing and then set decay volume for feedback level, and speed and direction will allow you to adjust a range of repeat rate. The results are very pleasing when you record a nice window using the touch button. The window is like setting the distance between the record and playback head.


Yup! If you use disintegration loop you can record a short loop and then use the speed/direction knob (T2) to control the delay time and the loop decay (T1) to control the feedback.

The trick is, you have to re-engage Touch (aka the record head) for things to start decaying like a tape delay.

My favorite part about using the disintegration loop as a delay is that we actually down-clock the delay lines to change the speed, so if you set the speed/direction just to the right or left of noon, you get these really nice lo-fi delays that are very gritty.


I went to visit my drummer last month and finally got to try Ribbons with guitar and we played some crushing lo-fi doom metal riffs :slight_smile: Hearing the Ribbons through the Mesa Boogie/Sunn dual mono rig was incredible. We recorded a bunch of it but he is the laziest man I’ve ever met, so I doubt we will ever hear it.


Ribbons has gotten a pretty serious workout from me recently. I used the built-in sine wave synth as a crucial plinky keyboard on a 19-minute track I composed and performed live recently, and a Juno-60 through Ribbons (including tape stop touch effects!) is the main voice in this video right here:

I really love this pedal!


My Ribbons came in a little over a week ago and I slapped it on the master of this track for some really subtle wow and flutter, just to add a little unease to the whole thing. What a fun, creative pedal.

2023-07-22 on SoundCloud


The aforementioned 19 minute track is streaming now, and you can hear Ribbons’ internal synth sprinkled throughout, most prominently as the primary voice on the outro.


I just got my Ribbons about a week ago, and actually have it in a bass setup. I used it practically for the first time on a cover of Bloodhail by Have A Nice Life. The song is simple and repetitive, but it has a really interesting lo-fi/damaged tone going on that the Ribbons really helped achieved. It’s at the end of my chain before my SansAmp Para Driver DI, and I’m running it with a JHS Chorus and a Meteore Lo-Fi Reverb.

I have the mix right at 50/50 wet/dry. I’m not using any wow/flutter/dropouts effects, just some compression, a touch of crinkle, reverb, and the low-high pass filters. Trying to be subtle about it.