Stuff You've Made with Ribbons!

What have you been working on with Ribbons?

Here’s a reel of some demos I made this morning with my Yamaha CP-70 going into Ribbons.

theluncheon · Ribbons Test

00:00 initial settings tweaking — testing various behaviors

1:28 Magnetic Dance example — organ-like texture, sounds like an old broken Farfisa I had!

2:04 filtering and chorus-like effect

4:00 preset 6 sounds killer to me — yes this is a Joe Walsh tune lol

4:45 Eno “Apollo” style underwater effect — I think this was mostly preset 7!

6:31 using tape stop to summon backing texture

7:30 compression test — taking the knob through its full range of motion. dimed out and pounding at the very end — to me it started getting extreme after about 12:00.

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I just went live with the Ribbons being fed by a Soma Enner into a Cocoquantus into a Jomox T-Resonator.

Incredible drone capability here. Gorgeous. Again, hats off to Jaak, I’m vibing hard with this thing. I know I’m still honeymooning with it but damn it if it doesn’t just sound good!

FB live linky

All stereo!

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Ran a Prophet X through da Ribbons and did all types of mangling. Here’s a couple examples from me just funkin’ around!

  1. Sound Example A
  2. Sound Example B
  3. Sound Example C
  4. Sound Example D
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Made a lil thing

0-ctrl, BIA, Desmodus Versio, Clouds, PNS + Squid Salmple + Wasp Filter
All running through Ribbons

Fucked up a patch 1/4 of the way through, but it gets fun when I let PNW drive the 0-ctrl and just play with Ribbons and some of the modules.

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Finally got a chance to mess with the looper. A bit frenetic but fun for a first time through.

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First post here. Got my Ribbons yesterday and was so excited to jump in! Did a small sketch using it and the Moog Minituar. The OXI Instruments One was used to sequence.

I love this thing.

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