Ribbons Pre-Order Production Status and FAQs


We will use this page to provide updates for customers who purchase Ribbons during our spring 2023 pre-order.

Posting on this topic is restricted to Kinotone forum admins. If you have a question about your order, or something that isn’t answered here, please use the contact form on our website to get in touch with us or email support@kinotoneaudio.comdo not create a new topic on the forum.


When will units ship?

  • Our plan is to start shipping units in order received starting in April 2023 the week of April 17th.

  • You will receive a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number when your order goes out the door.

Shipping updates

  • UPDATE #1 (Friday, 4/21/23): Order numbers 1400 - 1440 have shipped
    International orders in this range will receive a tracking number on 4/24
    This week was a little slower than expected as we transitioned from building to end-of-line testing and shipping. We got ~200 orders on 1/30 (the first day of our pre-order) and we are working through those first. Our hope is to get through ~25 units per day starting next week. Please be patient and try to refrain from emailing us about when your specific unit will ship.

  • 4/24/23: Order numbers 1440 - 1470 have shipped

  • 4/25/23: Order numbers 1471 - 1501 have shipped

  • 4/28/23: Order numbers 1502 - 1540 have shipped

  • 5/2/23: Order numbers 1541 - 1574 have shipped

  • 5/4/23: Order numbers 1575 - 1615 have shipped

  • 5/8/23: Order numbers 1616 - 1660 have shipped

  • 5/10/23: Order numbers 1661 - 1696 have shipped

  • UPDATE 5/15/23
    This week we are catching up on building the rest of the pre-order units. All remaining pre-orders will ship by ~5/26. You will receive a tracking number when your order ships.

  • 5/25/23: Order numbers 1697 - 1859 have shipped

  • 5/26/23: All remaining pre-order units (1860 onward) have shipped

Production status updates

Curious to learn more about what we’ve been up to? Check out the blog posts below.

Production update #1 (2/22/23):

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Production Update #2 (3/28/23):

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