Ribbons Firmware v1.3 Now Available

Hi all,

It looks like some folks have noticed and already updated, but I wanted to share here that firmware version 1.3 is now available. Check out the Ribbons Development Blog for a download link and change list.

If you haven’t updated your unit before it’s super easy. You’ll find step-by-step instructions here, and we also have a video guide that walks you through it.

All spring 2023 pre-order units come with this firmware installed, so this update applies to anyone with a Ribbons manufactured in 2022.

Major highlights include:

  • New Crushed Cassette Touch Mode - provides sample rate reduction and bit crushing with μ-law companding.

  • New Disintegration Loop Touch Mode - an experimental looper with controls for loop decay, speed, and direction. You can use this mode as a tape delay or a a >20 second looper. If Touch is engaged, each time your loop repeats it gets re-run through all of the tape effects.

  • Tape saturation - you can now swap out the compression knob for saturation instead by sending MIDI CC 52, value >0. The change is global and persistent between power cycles unless you switch it back. If you make this update, press the push button and wait 10 seconds for Ribbons to save state.

  • Synth updates - the polyphonic sine wave synth now includes controls for attack, release, and volume.

  • Some UI improvements including stepped LED feedback for stepped parameters.

Additionally, all of our documentation has been updated to incorporate the latest features:

Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.