[Resolved] Finally got my first exp. pedal, but it's not working with Ribbons. Anyone patient and willing to run through it with me?

Hey, y’all.
I bought a Dunlop DVP4 mini, which seems to be the go-to mini expression pedal across pedal forums that I’ve seen. I thought I’d checked the specs, but I’ve got a bit of a slow mind, so even if I do check the specs on things, I often miss important details.

Anyway, I tried using a TRS cable and a TS cable, I followed the directions in the online manual, and I couldn’t hear any parameter changes. Here’s what I did:

Cycled power on while holding bypass and touch
Went through to page 2, and turned knob to choose which parameter to assign to the exp. pedal.
Chose WOW frequency, and hit touch and/or bypass (whichever the manual says) to save

Ribbons booted up normally, but It didn’t seem to do any assigning to the pedal.

I will say that this is a brand new exp. pedal, so I need to try it with something else to make sure it’s working at all, but it should be.

But maybe the specs weren’t right in the first place and this particular expression pedal was never going to work with Ribbons.

I hope I’m just doing something wrong in the saving of the parameter assignment.

Not to get ahead of myself, but once I do figure this out, will I be able to save the expression pedal parameter mapping to a saved setting?

Thanks so much for all the help. I hope this kind of post is helpful to others

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Hi @redhandrail

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble getting your expression pedal to work with Ribbons. Let me help you get that sorted. I looked up the pedal you mentioned and it seems like it should work just fine. Here are some things to consider:

  1. You MUST have a TS or TRS cable plugged into the CV / EXP jack when you try entering the CV mapping startup menu (aka when you power on Ribbons with TOUCH and BYPASS held down). Otherwise you will just enter the MIDI Channel menu. If you enter the CV / EXP menu correctly, then both footswitches will turn light blue.

  2. A reminder of the controls for the CV / EXP mapping menu:

    • The push button is used to change between 9 pages of mappable parameters (1-4 are tape settings, 5-8 are looper settings, and 9 is dedicated to the touch footswitch)
    • The top left knob is used to scroll between the 4 parameters on a page
    • The TOUCH footswitch is used to map a parameter
    • The BYPASS footswitch is used to save and exit
    • After you press TOUCH to map a parameter, try slightly rotating the top left knob to the left or right to change the index. If the parameter was mapped then it will glow white.
  3. After you have finished mapping one or multiple parameters, press BYPASS to tell Ribbons to save your settings and remember them between power cycles.

  4. On the expression pedal side, make sure you are connecting a TRS cable to the AUX output and that the internal settings are set to TIP and EXP. If you bought the pedal new, I’m guessing the pedal is already set to TIP and EXP.

    • image

Maybe try again with these things in mind and let me know if you have more luck?

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I was hitting Bypass to save instead of touch to save and then bypass. And the white light tip was extremely helpful. The design and useability of this pedal is magnificent, but you already know that.
Thanks for going through all that with me, sorry for the trouble.
And extra thanks for checking out my specific exp. pedal specs for me and making sure it works, that was really kind of you, thanks.

All good! Always happy to help. Glad we were able to figure it out.

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