Question about Repeater volume

Hey Jaak, I’ve been having a blast with repeater, the tap tempo works seamlessly.

I was wondering if the T2 control is supposed to control volume? In the manual it just says mix input, I’m using standard usually, but wondering if it’s possible to lower the volume of the repeat? It’s loud in the mix, it definitely doesn’t seem to change the volume if I hold the repeat and adjust the knob, also doesn’t seem to affect volume when I adjust in between sampling a repeat,
It does however work when set in 100% loop no dry as stated.


Hey @Rich - The T2 knob does a “dry kill” which is what you would want for a CD skipping effect like Repeater. This means you get less dry volume as you turn the knob but the repeated loop volume stays at max. This is intentional and by design.

If you want to control the volume of the repeats, one thing you could do is to set the T2 knob fully clockwise or fully counterclockwise and then use the global dry/wet mix knob on Page 1 to control the volume.

Ok, makes sense now, thanks!