New Touch Mode Incoming

I’ve been working on a new/fourth touch mode called Repeater. It basically does the same thing as a “Roll” or “Slip Roll” on a DJ mixer. Pressing the touch footswitch will record the input audio and then repeat a single grain of it. The size of the grain is determined by tap tempo or midi clock and Touch Param 1 is used to divide this tempo into smaller subdivisions. Touch Param 2 is used to switch between Repeater and Resampling Repeater. The Resampling Repeater will record new audio if the grain size is changed, whereas the regular Repeater will only use the original grain. Repeater tends to work well when you’re playing an instrument whereas the Resampling Repeater is more interesting when used with continuously streaming input audio like loops, tracks, drum machines, etc. With this I suppose Ribbons supports MIDI clock now; looking into adding this to Magnetic Dance and other parameters for more rhythmic sounding things.

If you listen to the clip above, the glitchy repeating phrases and grinding effects are all generated using the Resampling Repeater.

Repeater will be in the v0.3 release, which should be available ~6/24 8/1. More info on the v0.3 release on the development blog.


This update was released on 8/1/2022: New Firmware Update, New M4L Device, New Enclosures, Hardware Upgrades, and More