Thoughts on easier control with iPad or other MIDI controller

I am late to the party (still waiting for the next batch) and have just gone through some older posts. And I have found Jaak has been considering some new touch modes (sample rate reducer / bit reducer and disintegration loop, both are my favorites) and filter resonance control via MIDI CC. I am starting to think the possibility to control it with an external controller.

First all, it is always important to get the hang of the pedal manually. Muscle memory is crucial. And one can always tweak and save presets. But I just think sometimes it is more convenient to control it with MIDI. For example in some live circumstances or when you need to tweak or fine tune the params a lot.

Of course one can control it with in DAW or more easily the M4L device, but a mobile MIDI controller should be more convenient for live. I think things like Faderfox EC4 might be good for this because one can set the parameter name on those screens. But since Ribbons is so deep and sometimes complex when it comes to things like Tape Noise, Reverb Placement and of course Touch Mode, I think maybe iPad is a more user-friendly interface for this. Other pedal companies like Meris and Red Panda have made TouchOSC template to make it easier to use. Let alone the Eventide stuff. I think it is a great supplement for a deep pedal because one can design to template to have more information than just a param name, and also switch them between different modes (not sure though).

And I think another important thing for this is two-way MIDI (I am not sure about the jargon), which makes it possible to always show the real-time params on screen. I have owned Source Audio pedals but eventually get tired of it because the one-way messaging with the mobile editor app (and also the less impressive UI of the editors).

So those are some random thoughts on the topic. I wonder if anyone else has similar ideas.

I think once you get a Ribbons you’ll find the knobs are easy to modify during live performances (IMO) without parameters jumping. The LEDs also give visual feedback to help inform which settings you’re modifying and they convey the intensity of your settings so you can always get a feel for where things are set.

I’ve actually got a bit of experience using TouchOSC and have used it as a main controller for music sets many times. I’m sure I could put one together for Ribbons in an afternoon. Just need to find a free afternoon hehe :sweat_smile:.

When using Ribbons with MIDI, the MIDI messages take precedent/override the physical knobs and then the LEDs respond to the MIDI changes, so you can always see how MIDI messages are modulating/changing the settings on the pedal. And if you aren’t looking at the pedal, well whatever you’re sending to Ribbons is what you get. If you’re successfully sending MIDI CC (0-255 values) to Ribbons then it will mimic the settings from the iPad controller - no feedback necessary (unless I’m missing something!)

Cool! I am just an entry user of TouchOSC, still figuring out how to make a template🥹Good to know you have experience.

And by saying the two-way MIDI, what I mean is like, when you connect the pedal to TouchOSC, it sends the current params on the pedal to the iPad, so that you know what you are working with from the pedal, instead of having to try and error or just overriding. I am not sure if this makes sense.

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