The Final Batch of Ribbons for 2022

The last batch of Ribbons for 2022 will be available for purchase on Monday December 5th at 11 AM CST.

These last units are pink! :ribbon::nail_care: We really wanted Ribbons to be this color initially but ended up talking ourselves out of it. We had to order some more enclosures to finish off this final run so we thought “why the heck not?”

Pink Ribbons and turquoise Ribbons are both beautiful. :white_heart:

Also, it’s too early to know for sure or provide specifics, but there have been some promising updates in our little parts sourcing world and it’s looking like there maaaay be a possibility of doing a pre-order for Ribbons in early 2023. :wink:


Seems like the forum did some unexpected manipulation to the photos above… they’re not quite as rich as intended. Check the website for more vibrant photos. :sweat_smile:

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I love the pink.

Justin (Jealous turquoise user :slight_smile:


Sorrry :sweat_smile: we don’t have enough extra enclosures to be able to offer an enclosure swap right now but maybe next year if and when we make more!


No worries! It looks great.


Ah man. I’d have totally loved a pink one… Oh well.

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I totally understand. I didn’t think people would be this enamored with the pink enclosures! We are just experimenting and learning as we go.

Definitely leaning toward offering an enclosure swap option sometime next year.

At the end of the day though, all Ribbons are rare (there are only 150 production units + 30 beta units) and I hope we all appreciate it for its sonic capabilities first and foremost. It’s all about the sounds :white_heart:


Wouldn’t prefer such a pretty looking color with my gear, but it’s a nice shade of pink. The ribbon graphic and Kinotone logo pops out really well.

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I would love to be kept in the loop on another set of preorder in 2023!

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We’re working on it :white_heart: seems like we’re still on track to open a pre-order before January ends. We will make an announcement here on the forum and Instagram. The forum should send you an email alert when the announcement is made.

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Will it be a limited pre-order? I don’t always monitor my phone super closely, but also want to try and make sure I don’t miss it!

Yes it will be limited to less than 500 units. We would like to do more but our DSP chip is in high demand and its difficult to obtain large quantities of it when you are a small business. We also need to hold inventory for spares and repairs.

That said, I think if you pre-order within a couple days of the pre-order opening, you should have a good shot at getting one. We will announce the opening in-advance so that you can have some time to prepare.

By having a forum account you should get an email alert when we make the announcement.