Tascam PortaStudio MF-P01

Jaak said this forum could be used for any and all music making and analog related stuff, so I’ll post this here in hopes someone has a fix.

I purchased a PortaStudio MF-P01 last week from my local Bookmans(do you guys have these around?). The audio entering the device comes through normally, and records onto the tape like it should. But when I attempt to play back the tape audio it isn’t retrieving it from the tape. If I put the recorded tape into my other deck and check that the audio has been recorded it’s there, so I know it’s the tape playback function on the head that’s not working.

Any kind of guidance on what might be going wrong or how I could fix/replace the record/playback head would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to anyone that responds, and thank you Jaak for allowing this forum to be for other things related to music.

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Here’s a photo of the unit

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Maybe this is your issue?

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Definitely investigate this before replacing the heads.

If you need electrolytic capacitor replacement recommendations and where to purchase them, let me know.

Hey Jaak, just opening up the forum again after seeing the link you sent earlier. As of now I’ve replaced all four capacitors and the devices is running smoothly as it should! I did lots of research today on how to safely handle capacitors and how to install them, until today Id never had any experience working with electronics. it was pretty straight forward, but took me about 3 hours :sweat_smile: Cheers Jaak!! I had a blast opening her up and teaching myself to solder. As soon as my Ribbons arrives in the mail this forum will be seeing the portastudio and my ribbons together :smile:


This was a fun interaction to witness! Nice teamwork!

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