Stereo in bypass

Hey, just got my Ribbons and I am loving it so far! I am running into a little bit of a vexing situation and wanted to see if I am totally missing something, or if it’s just how it is.

I have my mono pedals chained together, the last one going into the Ribbons input with a TS cable. I have a TRS → dual TS cable going from Ribbons into the rest of the stereo chain: Meris LVX, Meris Mercury 7, and Microcosm. All three are set up to receive a stereo input and output stereo.

What is happening is that when the Ribbons in bypassed, it is only sending mono out to the rest of the chain, so if I do not have the other stereo pedals engaged, it only outputs to one side. If I take the Ribbons out of the chain completely, I get stereo if I am bypassed or not.

I have tried changing the input/output settings on all three options, and also have tried the different bypass/buffering options to see if that helps, but no luck.

So… is there a way to have Ribbons output stereo when bypassed that I am totally missing?



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Yes! There is! If you set Ribbons Bypass Option to:

  • Buffered bypass without trails (Bypass option 2)
  • OR buffered bypass with trails (Bypass option 3)

And you set the Stereo Mixing Option to:

  • Mono In Stereo Out (Mixing option 2)

It should split a mono signal into stereo left and right regardless of whether or not the pedal is bypassed.

Give that a try and let me know if you continue to have issues.


  • To set the stereo mix option you hold down the Touch footswitch when you apply power to Ribbons
  • To set the bypass option you hold down the Bypass footswitch when you apply power to Ribbons
  • After hovering over the option you want using the Push Button, you need to push the Touch Footswitch to actually load the new setting (Left == Load, in-case you need an easy way to remember it)

Technical info: basically the pedal has to be in buffered bypass mode to split your mono signal into stereo when bypassed. If it’s set to True Bypass and we’re doing signal splitting… well then it wouldn’t be True Bypass!

Aw crap, I could have sworn I tried that combo! Alas. I did not. But it’s all good and working as desired now! Thanks so much!

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No problem! Thanks for posting this on the forum! I’m sure you’re not the only one who was (or will be) looking for the right combination of settings to achieve this outcome.