Sparks SPIN control question

Hi, I’m looking forward to the checking out Sparks when it comes out. I was perusing the Sparks page and saw that Spin shifts the LFO channels in and out of phase. I also saw that the Envelope can be mapped to any parameter or multiple. Does that mean Spin can be controlled by the Envelope? It would be cool if possible, as until Sparks was announced I hadn’t even considered whether envelope-controlled stereo panning would be possible at all.

Any insight would be appreciated! Of course, I’m also willing to wait until I get the final product in my hands :slight_smile:

John B


Hi @Aggressive-Breath484 - thanks for posting.

Yes, you can map the envelope to the SPIN control if you want to control the phase shift between the left and right LFO channels using the envelope.

The SPIN control itself though just adds stereo variety to the LFO. If you assign the envelope to something and turn up SPIN it doesn’t “spin” the envelope out of phase. I initially tried making this work but it wasn’t very interesting and was sometimes frustrating - there were times I wanted the LFO to spin but not the envelope and they’d compete with one another in strange ways.