Small Batch of Ribbons for Sale September 15th

Hi all,

We decided recently to part with some of the units that we’ve been holding onto for spares & repairs. Out of an abundance of caution we have always kept back a decent batch of units but we’ve realized that we just don’t need as many as we have. We have also been getting lots of inquiries about how people can buy a Ribbons so hopefully this will allow folks to do just that. :slightly_smiling_face:

There will be 20 units available - an even split of aqua and pink. These will go live in our webstore this Friday September 15th at 11 a.m. Central time.

We are still trying to use up extra enclosures we had lying around and some of them have extremely minor cosmetic imperfections, so we are just selling these all as B stock and the cost is $379.

We will not be announcing this sale on social media, just here on the forum.

Any questions let me know. Thanks!


B-stock sale is live! It seems Aquamarine sold out but there are still some pretty pink units left as of 11:08 am central time.

Sold out! Thanks so much to everyone who picked one up :white_heart::white_heart:

We’ll pack them up over the weekend and ship everything out Monday morning.

Whats the best way to stay informed about Ribbon availability? I just got this email, but its a few days late and just found out about the sale.


@lesmen - I’m so sorry, I just didn’t think that through. Going forward we’ll be sure to leave more time when we announce stuff like this to make sure all those emails go out. The forum is still the best place to keep in touch.

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