Ribbons location in chain

I just got my Ribbons and it’s definitely a keeper!
Where are people putting them in their pedal chain?
Late after delay and before reverb or earlier in the chain or even at the end?
I’m running mine with other pedals in a Helix loop so can move it around a bit.

Hey @Wardy66 - welcome to the forum!

It depends on how you want to use it but most people put Ribbons at the beginning or end of chain. The different tape effects, compression and filtering can sculpt your sound before you run it into other pedals but they are also a great way to glue all of your sounds together at the end.

Ribbons has onboard reverb and you can change the placement of the reverb to be pre or post effects, which is a fun way to really change the character.

If you’re using the Touch Modes or four-track looper then end-of-chain probably makes more sense.

Thanks Jaak, good to be here.
Will try different places but end seems most likely as I will be using looper and touch modes.
Just ordered a Morningstar loop switcher so will be able to play about with positions soon.

I use the Ribbons in a heavier band with midi from my boss es-5 so I can keep it in stereo if I want. I keep it before my delay and reverb but after everything else. For me its nice to have delay and reverb and their tales unaffected from the effects of the ribbon, also cool to have the option of creating layers with it’s built in reverb, into delay, then inti reverb. I also use my ribbons in a lot of maybe unconventional ways that still need to retain a hifi feel to me like dive bombs with the tape stop. Ribbons has so many uses to me that your specific integration of it decides the placement. How do you like to use it/hear it?