Ribbons I/O levels

Love what Ribbons can do, but I’m wondering if there is a simple way to boost the output level.
Details: I’m running various things into Ribbons with a passive matrix mixer; I reroute Ribbons back into the matrix mixer, which has a channel for dedicated output to an amp. I realize that the mixer, being passive, will naturally attenuate the signal. This is no problem with pedals that have an output level control (for example, I’m also using Empress Reverb, which works great in this setup). But the level out of Ribbons is just too low to be as useful as I’d like.

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Hey @asdb - There isn’t a way to do this currently but I’ll be adding an option to boost the output level in the next firmware update, either via MIDI CC or with a new button combo.

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Awesome—that will be super useful! Thank you!

Hi Jaak.
Is it also possible to lower the level conversely?

Yes the plan is to add a 6dB boost and cut :slightly_smiling_face:


Meanwhile, is it a viable alternative to use a boost? I just got yesterday a Jackson Audio Prism that I’m using at the start of my chain as a preamp and although I haven’t played a lot with it yet, the signal seems to run hotter into the next pedals. As far as I remember, @jaakjensen mentioned there’s a lot of headroom in Ribbons so it should handle a higher input well.

By the way @asdb, what matrix mixer are you using? I’m currently looking to get one and the Pladask Stereo Matrisse that I wanted is out of stock until next year, so looking for alternatives.

I’m using a Low Gain Electronics passive matrix mixer. It’s great for my needs. Unfortunately, putting a boost in my signal path isn’t really viable right now—I’m out of space on my board and out of power supplies. All to say, I’m really looking forward to the Ribbons update!

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