Ribbons glowing pink and blue after factory reset (not a bug!)

Hi all,

In the last couple days we’ve gotten a couple questions where users have run into the same thing trying to do a factory reset, so I wanted to post a clarification here in case someone else encounters the same.

You would do a factory reset if you want to restore your unit to factory settings. This includes all of the onboard presets, and also restores the CP knob back to Compression instead of Saturation.

Factory reset is different than loading up Init (preset slot 1). Init is a more common / frequent trick you can use to quickly reset your effects to a transparent state and start over.

Anyway, our paper manual says:


What we forgot to clarify is that you need to release the push button after that second tap of the Touch footswitch. If you are holding down the push button during the reset / bootup sequence, Ribbons goes into bootloader mode and all of LEDs will glow pink and blue. This is what Ribbons looks like when it is ready to receive a firmware update file.

If you accidentally do this, no need to worry at all and your Ribbons is totally fine. Simply remove and reapply power and it will boot up normally.

We are going to add some language to our online manual to clarify. Hopefully this post is helpful to anyone else who runs into this.