Ribbons Feature Request: Option to link HP/LP knobs

Hi there,

It would be amazing if there was an option to link the two filter knobs yo act like a single DJ-style filter. 0-50% of the range would be LP, and then from 50-100% HP.

It’s a cool idea but I’m not sure it makes sense with Ribbons’ interface. If they were linked then one of the knobs would do nothing.

You will probably like our next pedal (coming very soon). :wink:

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Yeah I totally get that. I just find myself using the Ribbons in scenarios where a combined DJ-style filter is much more useful than individual HP/LP knobs, but I recognize I’m probably in a pretty small minority.

Nice tease, btw! :grin:


Make the empty knob the compression… or saturation. Or whatever one is not being used by its original knob. Now we have both. Best of all worlds.

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I really don’t want to harp on this because it’s not likely to happen, but making the second knob the saturation would be amazing. I use saturation way more than the compressor. I like that idea a lot.