Ribbons B-Stock Sale Is July 7th

Hi all,

Just wanted to share that our Ribbons B-stock sale will go live on Friday July 7th at 11 a.m. central time. I know we’d talked about this happening in June but we have some travel coming up and had to shuffle things around.

We will not be announcing this sale in advance on social media so hopefully that helps to keep things a little less competitive for everyone here on the forum who wants to purchase one. :slightly_smiling_face:

Here are some FAQs!

  • We will have 50 units. This is our last online Ribbons sale for the forseeable future. If one-off stock becomes available we will post about it on the forum.

  • B-stock units are $379. They are tested to the same standards and hold the same warranty as brand new devices but may have minor cosmetic imperfections. Both colorways are available but we have more aqua than pink.

  • Shipping is free for US orders and anywhere else is $45. We do not cover import taxes.

  • Here is a list of where we can ship to. If you don’t see your country listed and plan to purchase a Ribbons on July 7th, please email us at support@kinotoneaudio.com. If DHL is a good option we can add it to our webstore.

Any questions, feel free to comment below.



yesss. I’ll be adding the Ribbons to a Meris Hedra, an HX Stomp XL, and an EHX Superego +.
I’ll freeze the world.


Got one! Thank you so much for the opportunity!


I got a unit. Thanks! Now just have to wait for international shipping :grinning:


Got one! Thank you Jaak. :slight_smile: Welcome to Paris, Ribbons. You’re going to fit in perfectly between my JP8080 and Cosmos.


Wow! I’m so grateful for the support :face_holding_back_tears: :white_heart: Thank you so much to everyone who picked up a unit! We’ll be packing them up over the weekend and shipping on Monday.

There are still a few units left in the webstore if anyone happens to stumble across this post. If they don’t sell out over the weekend we’ll post about them on social media, at which point they will probably go pretty quick.

Thanks again everyone !!!


Got one! Thank you Jaak! :slightly_smiling_face: :melting_face:


Sounds like a match made in heaven. The Soma Cosmos is next on my list (as well as some form of stereo parallel mixer to handle all this looping stuff).


bummed i missed this latest drop of B stock! do you have an estimate on when they will be back in stock and available for purchase next?

We may have a small batch of units available the first week of August. We are participating in a local event on July 29th and have some units set aside for it. If they don’t sell at the event then they’ll be available online.

We’ll post here on the forum if/when they become available.