[Resolved] Mix knob not at 100% when loading preset

Hi! I’ve found somewhat of a bug with my Ribbons - whenever I’m loading a preset, the mix is not at a 100%. It’s at about 97 and it’s audible when closing the LPF all the way down. Adjusting the mix knob slightly and back to 100% and the mix is back at a 100%. This happens with all the presets, also the factory ones. I have of course tried saving again several times after the mix knob is definitely at a 100%, but when I load the preset again, it’s back at around 97. I have midi connected, but nothing is controlling mix (CC2). What could this be :thinking:

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I’ve tried disconnecting midi and expression pedal just to see if it was something going on there, but that didn’t affect anything. :slight_smile:

Hi Mort!

I’m aware of this issue and have a fix ready to go for it. I was going to wait until releasing a bigger update to roll it out but I can share a minor revision within the next few days.

The preset values are stored as 8 bits, which means they can be represented using values 0 to 255. When I load them, I convert them to decimal by dividing them by a number. This number should be 255 but I accidentally typed 256. Oops!

Here you go. This update will resolve the issue with presets loading to 99.6% instead of 100% when maxed out

  • Download this version if your unit was manufactured in 2022 and glows green/blue when you enter bootloader mode:
  • Download this version if your unit was manufactured in 2023 and glows purple/blue when you enter bootloader mode:

It also includes the Disintegration Loop updates mentioned in this thread. Hope you’re OK with that.

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