[Resolved] High whine noise

Hi I bought a pedal over a year ago. whenever I use it there is a high pitched whine noise and I cant get it out of my guitar tone no matter how hard I try. I initially thought it was my amplifier but I bought a new one and am still having the problem. It also happens when I attempt to record DI. I love the pedal but this issue has essentially made it unusable.

My ribbons pedal has a constant whine noise whenever I use it. It has been that way since I got it around a year ago and It is making the pedal basically unusable for both performing and recording. Can anyone please help?

Hi @l_pat ! Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. I’m happy to help you get this sorted. :slight_smile:

It looks like you made two similar posts so I’ve merged them into one.

Two questions for you:

  1. What power supply are you using? A photo of the label on the PSU or a web link would be helpful.
  2. Are you “daisy chaining” Ribbons with other pedals? e.g. using something like a One Spot to power Ribbons along with other pedals?


We resolved this over email. From @l_pat:

“I tried using a different power source than the one I had been using and it fixed the problem”

Sharing this info here in-case anyone else runs into the same issue.