Request: manual PDF

Pretty darn low priority, but if it would be possible to get the manual in PDF form as well as webpage at some point, I’d appreciate it.


Will this do temporarily?


Yes, absolutely. I think it would work permanently, too (maybe with a couple touch ups). Thank you!


Yeah some of the animations don’t translate very well and maybe some of the text and images could be scaled better but all the info is there. I will try and come up with a better pdf in the next month or so. I’m hesitant to work on it until I knock out a couple more firmware feature requests - less stuff to update later.


That makes total sense, regarding timeline. This will definitely suffice in the meantime. Thank you again, Jaak.

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I’ve appreciated having this to look through since getting on the latest pre-order list, as nerdy as that is.

I’m a bit unclear on the function of input/output option 3 - Mono → Mono. The graphic suggests it is using both outputs. Is it simply duplicating the same mono output for both? Is there some obvious use case for this that I’m missing?

Are questions like this worth their own threads or is it easier just to reply directly?



Hi @ZestyCloseEscape

FYI, the PDF on this page is currently out of date. At this time I would recommend reviewing the manual on the Ribbons product page. We are working on a new PDF / paper manual that is properly formatted for printing.

Regarding Option 3, we ignore the right channel coming in, but the reverb has unique information on the left and right channels, so we sum both sides of the reverb before sending it out to the world. We then copy this same mono signal to both left and right channels.

There wasn’t an obvious use case to me for doing this but I figured, why not? Maybe someone will get creative and split the signal and run one side through distortion and run the other side clean. I can’t say for sure but maybe this would lead to a slightly more phase-coherent signal than if you did the same thing running it in Mono In / Stereo Out.


Thanks a lot for the reply. That all makes sense and I’m sure that third option might open up some weird routing/parallel options.

Maybe off topic but it’s great to see this cycle of discussion, feedback and adjustments on the forum. For instance the limitations of multi-purpose nobs was one of the things that had me slightly unsure about this pedal, but seeing the jump/relative/pass-thru discussion here is really helpful for understanding how & why features like that work.


FYI we have an up-to-date PDF manual. Please use this file going forward. Thanks!