Request: filter resonance control

I was wondering if it might be possible to introduce some method of changing the filters’ resonances? Specifically, I would like a somewhat lower resonance if possible – I realize it’s not very resonant to begin with, but with a 4-pole filter, even subtle resonance can be quite pronounced. That said, there are also excellent sound design possibilities that come with higher resonances as well.

Even if this was only accessible via MIDI (but savable to presets), it would be very useful to me.


Hmmmm… available via MIDI could be an option! I might have some space available in the preset patch memory space. Let me add this to the request list and take some time to look into it.


Looks like the 1.3 update info has been added to the site and manual (sooooo excited! So many refreshes to see when it drop.) I noticed that filter resonance midi CC doesn’t seem to have been added. Are we getting this as a feature, or did other things take priority? Mostly just wondering as I’m still very hype for everything else!

As this wasn’t a common/popular feature request, I’ve decided not to implement it for firmware v1.3. Other things just took priority (migrating all the code to the new DSP chip). Sorry :cry: if there is more demand in the future I can add it via MIDI CC.

Would this be a feature people would like to see as persistent (resonance setting is remembered between power cycles), or just something controllable via MIDI CC during runtime (always defaults to factory default during bootup)?


I would prefer it were persistent. For the most part, I want the filters to work as a basic EQ/tone shaper, and the default resonance, when adjusted, is not subtle enough: I want to be able to brighten or darken a mix, but the resonance makes it come across too much as a ‘filter sweep’ to my ears.


Got it! And one more question - would you expect to be able to recall different resonance settings via presets or would it be OK if it was just globally persistent (like the mix, bypass, and comp/sat settings)?

My preference would be to add it globally.


If it’s easier/preferable to you to do globally, that’s fine. At least for me, this would likely be a set-and-forget parameter.

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OK. I have to test some things. Have to figure out what level to max it out at and make sure the resonance doesn’t get set to a weird value and be unexpectedly resonant after someone updates their firmware.

This won’t be a 1.3 thing but it’s simple enough that I can probably squeeze it into 1.3.1. Timing TBD.

FYI the new firmware is available for download now on the development blog. Check the firmware updates section of our online manual if you need instructions. It also links to a video guide.


It might be some time before I get this out because I’ll need 1-2 hours to test things and we’re in the midst of the next production run of Ribbons.

What I can offer in the meantime is a one-off build of the v1.3 firmware with the resonance set to 0 if you’d like. That would only take me 5 mins to put together. Let me know if that interests you and I can share it here.

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YES!!! That would be amazing!

I agree 100% with you on this!

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I think (hope!) everyone understands you’re busy bringing others into the Ribbons fold right now.

A one-off build would be great, but really, if you can’t get to it until you have some breathing room, that’s okay, too. Thanks for being so responsive!

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Just to clarify, Kinotone is not in the business of making custom firmware for every situation, but since this request has been open since September I thought it would be good to at least make some progress. I will investigate adding MIDI control of resonance after things cool off with the build.

This file sets resonance for the HP and LP filters to zero in the control settings but is otherwise identical to the new v.1.3.1 firmware.

  • Download this version if your unit was manufactured in 2022 and glows green/blue when you enter bootloader mode:
  • Download this version if your unit was manufactured in 2023 and glows purple/blue when you enter bootloader mode:

+1 for filter resonance setting! I love the resonance on the lowpass, but I don’t need it on the high pass :slight_smile: