Problem with Ribbons Bypass push buttons

Hello everyone! Just been lucky enough to acquired a ribbons on marketplace recently… i love all the features of the pedals, it is really a amazing tools for creativity. Everything was working great until a couple days ago the bypass switch stop working properly, sometimes when i push it light up, close down, light up again or i have to push it like 3 times for it to open, is there something i can do to make it work properly like the touch switch is just fine just the bypass one. thank you!

You can email and we can send you a replacement footswitch. It is easy to swap, no special tools required.

Also, just double-check the power supply you’re using with Ribbons. If it doesn’t have enough mA, or is a daisy chain with other pedals on drawing power, it may make it behave funny when trying to turn it on. I’ve had this happen to me in the past with a cheap supply. But if you’ve got a good isolated power supply, definitely follow Jaak’s advice!


thank you for taking the time! i email you quickly.