Plans for Another Pedal?

Just wondering if you have plans to make other pedals with the same kinds of stacked effects and functions, but perhaps something different than tape emulation?

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Hi @Shaunyata

Yes I have a new design I’m working on that will be going into beta in the next few months. It will have a 100% analog signal path with digital control, MIDI, presets, and the same form factor as Ribbons.

In addition I have a couple other ideas for DSP designs that I haven’t seen in the stomp box format that I’m exploring.

In general though, we won’t be using Ribbons as a platform for new products. Future designs will have more knobs (maybe 6 or 7) and less multi-function controls. I feel like I’ve created a thoughtful and very powerful multi-function knob system with Ribbons (I still can’t imagine a better system without a display/screen) but I understand that most people tend to connect with instruments and effect designs that have simpler control sets and I’m going to try and honor that.