Pink enclosures

How might I go about getting a pink enclosure? Bribery? Spellcraft? Bit of both?

(Also, the faderfox ec4 works especially well with ribbons. Sixteen knobs per page. Need to try it out with the looper next.)


Hi Nate! Thanks so much for posting on the forum!

Please try some friendly spellcraft to make all the parts we need appear - I will swap out your enclosure asap. :joy:

Jk - we are working out logistics for a January pre-order where people will be able to pick from the 2 colorways. I will also offer the option of an enclosure swap for current customers through our webstore. We need to purchase more enclosures but we won’t place our order until we know about how many to buy (based on how the pre-order goes and how many people want to swap …)

So timing TBD, but the soonest I’d start turning around enclosure swaps would be maybe February or March. Enclosures would be sold at cost + shipping.

Let me know if you have any other questions on this.

Oh dang - good to know. This thing looks awesome and like a perfect way to get OKPF out of Ribbons.


I now think I imagined there would be an enclosure swap option on this next preorder today. Is there a pink enclosure swap and am I just missing it? Thanks!



Based on the TBD paragraph above, enclosures being offered today may have been wishful thinking.

I was expecting and betting limited pink enclosures would be available possible closer to April, so I just ordered a second Ribbons with the plan of possibly selling the other.


@AnalogOrange @natebunnyfield Hey ya’ll. I’m sorry for not following up on this yet.

I should have been more clear in my last response. The enclosure swap option will be a separate sale from the pre-order. We haven’t landed on exact timing for this yet, but I’m thinking sometime in February is when we’ll announce a limited window for people to request a swap if they want one.

So @natebunnyfield, we can definitely get your enclosured swapped before April, and we could give you a full refund for your pre-order slot if you wanted to give that up at any time.

I’ll discuss this all with my partner-in-crime and loop back here once we have a plan. Thanks!


You’re the best Jaak.


Jaak let me know when you guys drop the black metal version with olde english font \m/


@AnalogOrange @natebunnyfield FYI enclosures will be arriving next week and we ordered enough extras to account for color swaps. We will post on the forum very soon about the process for updating your enclosure. It will be something like “email us + send $ via PayPal + send in your unit for upgrading”. Once a unit is received we’ll turn it around within 2 business days.

If someone outside the U.S. is really wanting to get their enclosure swapped I might consider making an unscripted video documenting the swap process so they could get through it, just because the cost of international shipping both ways would be too high to justify it imo. If you are in the US though I strongly recommend just having us update it.

More soon!

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Ok! I’d thought this would be a diy affair. If your preference is to ship you the pedal I can do that. I always get nervous putting expensive tech in the mail though lol. Do you know how much this will cost?

For someone who isn’t experienced with Ribbons’ assembly it’s a bit of a finicky process. I can blast through an enclosure swap in about 5 minutes, but without the right tools it could take longer and you run the risk of scratching the enclosure or damaging electronics. It’s just more efficient for us to do it rather than coach people through it since we’re not expecting a large volume of requests.

The cost will be for one enclosure (~$15) plus USPS Priority shipping one way, fully insured (~$15) so $30 total.


FYI here is the process for requesting an enclosure swap. We’ll leave this open for about 2 weeks until March 17th. Currently limited to U.S. orders only. Thanks!


My request and payment are in :slight_smile: Thanks for doing this! And handling the swap.