Next Ribbons batch?

Hi Jaak, I just discovered the Ribbons pedal and I was and am very stoked about it. I don’t want a GenLoss MKII now and I’m doubting about wanting a Blooper as well. I just want Ribbons now. I even think I would get a Ribbons before the new Mood MKII if it was possible. I know you just closed orders and still didn’t even start shipping those, but I’m wondering if you plan to open a new round of orders after you start shipping the last batch produced? Any ideas? I would prefer to hold off on some purchases and wait for it if there’s a possibility of getting it relatively soon.
Thanks in advance and keep up the great work!

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Hi @ale.garciaiglesias and thanks for posting on the forum.

Yes after we finish shipping all of the pre-order units we are planning on opening orders for a small batch of our reserve stock (50-100 units). I’m not sure exactly when but I think sometime next month. Outside of this there will likely be a small number of b-stock / blemished units that will be available for re-sale directly through us before that and they will be available on a first come, first serve basis.

When any b-stock arrives, I can post here on the forum about it. Forum users get first priority for these kinds of things. Since you have a forum account you will get an email notification when I post about B-stock / next batch availability.


Thank you! Looking forward to it.

Hi @ale.garciaiglesias - FYI we had a few last minute cancellations so there is some stock in the webstore right now. Anyone who sees this post is more than welcome to try and grab one. If the site says sold out, they’ve been purchased.



Came here to ask a similar question about the next round of Ribbons. Any idea if there will be any more Ribbon b-stock, etc., being offered for sale in the near future? Thank you for your time and for creating such an incredible creative tool!

Yes, we are still having another sale. Likely sometime in June. It will actually all be a B stock sale, as we are going to build up our reserve stock using extra enclosures we have with some very minor cosmetic imperfections.

Aside from that, we were thinking we might get a return here and there, in which case we’d list those as B stock on the forum, but that hasn’t happened yet.

Stay tuned! :slight_smile:


Great! Thank you for the update.

So sometime in June is when the b stock will be available any idea the price of one and will we all be emailed when they come up for sale I’ve been lusting for one of these since I first saw a demo and it’s exactly what I need to fill my lofi needs I’ve been wasting lots of money buying a bunch of pedals just to get one aspect of ribbons and still not being happy with the results so let me know if I gotta sell some stuff to afford it I will in a heartbeat

just placing myself here (on this thread), untuned and ready to June’s announcement.

joining the b stock hype train

FYI there will be a handful of aquamarine and one pink B-stock units going up for sale on the site tomorrow at 2 pm CST. This not the B-stock sale discussed earlier in this thread (it’s looking like that will be sometime end of June), they are just some extras we have leftover and ready to go. Price will be $379. Free US shipping, anywhere else is $45.

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Have the b-stock sold out?

Nope. Going live in ~15 mins.

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Sold out. Thanks everyone!


Adding myself to this thread as I would like to snag a Ribbons in the b-stock sale :grinning:


Ahh, it looks like I just missed the B-stock sale. Is there a good way to get a heads up when the sales go live?

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You didn’t miss it. The small batch from last Friday June 2nd was not the big B-stock sale we’ll be having later this month. We just happened to have 5 b-stock units built up and tested so we figured we’d make them available.

You’re looking at it! Just keep an eye on the forum. You have an account so you should be receiving the weekly email digest about new posts. We’ll announce the B-stock sale ~one week in-advance via the forum. We will not be announcing it on social media.


Wonderful! Many thanks for the heads up and the info.


Managed to snag one of the five Ribbons from the early b-stock sale! Got an Aquamarine one and can’t wait for it to arrive to start the fun!


I’m keeping an eye out for June B stock… I can’t wait!

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