Next Batch of Ribbons Release Announcement

The next batch of Ribbons will be available for purchase via the Kinotone webstore on October 17th 2022 at 11 am CST

Here are some questions we’ve been getting:

  • Q: How many units will be available?

    • A: 50
  • Q: What happens if I don’t get one from this batch?

    • A: There will be another drop of 50 units in a few weeks.
  • Q: Why are you doing a drop and not a pre-order?

    • A: Mainly because of limited parts and inventory, but also because we can’t guarantee that a unit is available until it’s been fully built and tested. We’ve had a 100% pass rate so far but just want to be cautious to avoid disappointing anyone who thought they had a unit.
  • Q: How do I place an order?

    • A: Through our online webstore. You can pay via credit card or pay in installments using Affirm.
  • Q: I want to make a demo video for Ribbons. Can you comp me a unit?

    • A: We’re sorry but we’ve already given out all the demo units and unfortunately don’t have any left to comp or loan out at this time. Ribbons is a small run of ~150 total units and we need to be conservative with inventory to cover costs.
  • Q: I’m an artist / organization - can I get an artist / organization discount?

    • A: All of our customers are artists and it feels discriminatory to offer discounts to some individuals and not others.
  • Q: Is there a plan to make more Ribbons in the future?

    • A: I just placed an order for another batch but I have no idea when they’ll arrive. The company that makes the DSP chip told me the lead time is >1 year but I ordered from a distributor that may get them sooner. Hopefully there will still be demand for Ribbons next year, but if not then it might be the only batch. This is its own complicated topic that I’ll write a forum post about soon.


I’m a great great fan of the Ribbon. Congrats for this wonderful pedal. I wanted to buy one from the first batch but there was no option for Europe (i live in France). I understand this would be too complicated to deal with this for limited batches but, on the other hand, i REALLY want one. Is there a way ?

PS: i tried to send one mail using Contact but it never worked.


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Hi there!

France was not initially available when we started selling Ribbons in early September but we added it as an option before the last batch sold out. I just checked and it’s currently set up as a shipping option via DHL - should be available tomorrow when the next batch drops at 11 am CST.