Midi CC messages for saturation

Hi loving my Ribbons !!! Such an amazing pedal. I’m kinda new to the midi CC messaging. I’ve got all the necessary connections. I’m able to syncs tempo to DAW and beat machines. But can someone break it down for me on how i could use it switch up the saturation instead of compression and back? Also does anyone have any examples of how the saturation sounds? I can’t find any videos on the net. Thx so much. This pedal still surprises me everyday.

If you’re doing it via midi, here’s the exact excerpt from the manual:

There is also TAPE SATURATION if you’d prefer that here instead of compression. You can swap out the CP knob for a saturation parameter by sending MIDI CC 52, value >0. This change is persistent between power cycles unless you switch it back.

If you apply a change via MIDI you must press the push button and then wait 10 seconds for your unit to save state.

Here is a clip that uses Tape Saturation from the IG, as well as this one.

Hope that helps!

Thanks for stepping into help @TheTimberOwls !

In-general, MIDI CC’s consist of a CC # and a value. So in the case of Ribbons, the CC# to change between compression and saturation is 52. You send a value > 0 to enable saturation and a value of 0 to enable compression. The process for sending MIDI CC’s can vary from tool to tool (or DAW to DAW). If you use Ableton you can use our Max For Live devices.

As David mentioned, if you change your settings you will need to press the push button and then wait 10 seconds for your unit to save state if you’d like it to be persistent between power cycles.

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Oh and I was on different MIDI channel that is why it didn’t work for me the first time. The way I tested the MIDI connection was to send anything on MIDI channel 1 and CC #16 to turn/modulate the LPF knob (See the card that comes with the pedal for exact CC number) The LPF frequency change is easy to notice by ear., Thus I know my midi connection is working. Then I sent CC 52 non zero value (you hear this instantly b/c there is clear difference between compression and tape saturation)

Thanks so much guys this helps a lot.