Looper Undo Function


I was wondering - why isn’t there an undo button on the looper when overdubbing?

I know you can sync the tracks via midi, and then use another track for overdubbing, but I think the beauty is in the asynchronous looper. I’ve just ran into many times, when wanting to add something to the ‘main’ loop, fx a chord progression, if I make a mistake, or if the sound is not the one I wanted, I have to start all over, because I can’t delete the overdub. Which especially is too dangerous for live use!

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Hi @Mort101

There isn’t an undo function due to processor and memory limitations.

The main memory chip used to store the loops can only hold 160 seconds of mono audio at 48kHz (normal speed). Since it’s stereo though we can hold half that - 80 seconds. If you divide that into 4 tracks you get 20 seconds per track. We felt like four 20 second tracks (at 48kHz) was a great use of the memory that is available.

To add an undo function we would need extra memory for each layer of undo. So we would have to sacrifice some of the tracks or other functionality.

Currently when overdubbing, we read from the loop, mix the new audio with it, and then write it back to memory. So if you make a mistake, it works like a real tape player in that there is no way to separate new material from old and undo it.

If you would like the option to undo audio then you can record your “main” loop to one track and record subsequent loops to other tracks. In that case you can clear/erase any of them.

I hope that helps to answer your question!


Totally, thanks for your reply :slight_smile: