Looper question

I had a question regarding looper. When holding down the push button and erasing all tracks. Do the the last settings all stay the same on each track? Also when first powered on and first getting into loop mode what are the base settings for each knob? I think I’m hearing middle for direction and speed. Not sure about volume and speed scale. Thanks

Yes they do. Erasing just clears the audio buffer.

Good ear! The volume is set to 100%, direction is set to forward, speed is set to 1.0x, and speed scale is set to continuous. We should probably include this information in the manual.

We don’t save the looper settings between power cycles. This is so you can have a predictable starting point each time you power Ribbons on.

Ok amazing. So if I’m synced with midi. And enter the looper for the first time. Speed Scale is not active if i read correct. So if i turn speed knob on a loop to x1 or x2 it’ll just play the octaves, it’s what I’m hearing. Really had a blast writing some music today. What a tool you have created!

Yep! The speed scale knob defaults to continuous, in which case the speed knob at 12 noon is unity, and 2x or 0.5x are octaves up / down.