Kinotone Forum Introductions

Hello and welcome to the Kinotone forum!

I’d like to introduce myself - I’m Jaak Jensen and I’m the main human behind Kinotone. I design all the hardware and software, create the artwork, assemble and test all products, respond to your support requests, and do all the shipping (with some help from my partner Hannah). Before starting Kinotone I designed electronics for some of the world’s leading motorcycle and earth-moving/agricultural equipment, ran a synthesizer and pro-quality audio repair business, and studied electrical and computer engineering at the University of Minnesota. I currently live in Minneapolis and when I’m not working on Kinotone things I’m usually trying to play jazz piano or dreaming about eating a veggie burger.

You’re welcome to introduce yourself as well (or not, that’s ok too!). Please post below and say hello!


Hello, I decided to make an account while I wait in line to buy a Ribbons. I really like the examples of sounds it makes and I hope it works for my purposes :slight_smile:


I am a big fan of this pedal. I told a UK pedal reviewer friend about it and he ordered one! I hope and pray I am able to pick one up next batch. Every demo I’ve seen shows me the amount of personalization of tones you can create. I hear a lot that has not been shown.
Congratulations on an incredible work.


Hello everybody,
I’m Emil and I do play electronic and electroacoustic music. I’m working with synths, tapes and cassettes and I’m so glad I discovered your pedal. I was looking for a way to easily play with other musicians without having to many things on stage with me…I finally found it!!
I really love the sound of your pedal, how it works, the parameters it has and how you can them and perform…it is much much more than a ribbon emulation and I really can’t wait to buy one and start playing with it!! Lo-fi blood runs in my veins as well as in your pedal :wink:
You made and incredible work…Congratulations!!
Last thing,I really want to thank you and Jorb for making the video review to your pedal; that’s how I discovered it.


Hah, that video actually reminded me that I should check if this was available because I had completely forgotten! It’s basically the reason that I’m here.



Performing ambient music in unusual, unexpected and unused places.

Power to the people!


Welcome @Emil @M0ld @shittykids ! Thanks so much for joining the forum :white_heart:

So grateful for that video from Jorb! They did such a great job summarizing Ribbons and how it works and I’m so thankful they shared it with their community.


Hi all, glad to meet you. :wave: My name’s Mike, and I make [aspirationally] Warp Records-ish electronic music under the name Mute City and noise rock with my band Hex Map; I use a lot of lo-fi, warbly, glitchy textures in both projects. I think Ribbons would be a great addition to my tonal palette and am hopeful about nabbing one in the next preorder drop! :sweat_smile:


Hey everyone, I’m Carmen. Seems like this is a pretty compact community at the moment so I figured I’d join while things get off the ground for this awesome new company. I discovered Kinotone just by searching for lo-fi pedals, and I was blown away by Ribbons. Just placed my preorder for the next batch and can’t wait to dive into this awesome piece of gear and discover what it will do. Looking forward to seeing what others create as well.

Well done for making what seems to be an incredibly capable new pedal/instrument, Kinotone!


@sawtoothwave, @Dharmander - thank you for joining the forum! So glad you discovered us, we appreciate the support. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi everyone! I’m Drew. I too enjoy making Warp/90s electronic-inspired music - Lake Villain - as well as vocal electronic tunes with my long-time writing partner under Drax Industries. I also want to say a big thanks to Jorb because I hadn’t heard about Ribbons before, and it seems to be exactly what I was looking for. (I had GenLossMkII for a hot sec but realized it was not the right tool for the sound I’m working toward.) Nabbed a pink Ribbons during the first few minutes of pre-order! Was worried they’d disappear. Looking forward to putting it to use!


Hi all, my name is Chris and I am a member of the Seattle band Hollow Bodies. We play shoe gazy/jangly power pop/ indie rock. I love pedals, guitars and synths. I also came across Ribbons by way of Jorb (thanks YouTube). I am excited for my pink Ribbons to arrive later this spring!


Welcome @cdew and @lakevillain ! So happy you decided to join the forum :smiley:

We’ll be posting an update regarding the current Ribbons production run this week - (hint: lots of good news!)


Hi all, Chris here in the UK. Really looking forward to having the ribbons on my desk. I make a mix of genres and post to exploring_notes and Instagram etc.
I’ve had a couple of Generation Loss in the past and also I’m a long time Shallow Water owner, almost always on.
Really looking forward to the Ribbon looping, random repeater and now saturation :slight_smile: great news.
Hope everything goes smoothly.


Hey, happy I discovered this device and community. I’ll admit that I’ve only learned of the company and ribbons recently and missed out on all of the pre-order fun. However, this looks like a cool place to hang and share things in the meantime. If anyone reads this and happens to have a spare one for sale, feel free to send me a message.

Excited to experience more of this device and community.



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Hello all.

I heard someone mention Ribbons in an FB post. They didn’t say anything about it other than mention the other pedals on the board (MOOD II, Microcosm etc) and that the ribbons was end of chain. I wondered what pedal I hadn’t heard of would make sense end of chain after some of those others.

I googled the ribbons and I’m impressed! It sounds excellent and unique. I’d love to grab one. I try to push my guitar sound into uncharted realms but still keep it relatively listenable + work in a band context.

I use an assortment of chase bliss and other zeitgeisty fx pedals controlled by a morningstar mc6 pro.

Working on my next album and building my sound palette right now. Here’s my latest release “Psychedelala”:

I’d love to base an album around the sounds of the ribbons!


Hi @piljilaki and welcome to the Kinotone forum.

We will have a small amount of b-stock units going into the webstore this Friday August 4th at 11 a.m. Central time. There are 13 available; 3 aqua and 10 pink units. We won’t be announcing it on social media, just the forum. They usually go pretty quick but if you order right when they go live I think your chances of getting one are pretty good.

Outside of this we likely won’t have stock of Ribbons for several months.

Thanks for your interest in Kinotone!

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Hey Jaak and all, brought here by the Ribbons–I’ve been lusting after one, admiring demo videos, trawling Reverb with no luck–and mighty excited for the new release. I mostly make ambient and synthwave with a lofi/cinematic vibe, relying heavily on my beloved Zoom CDR70 and Empress Zoia. Most frequently on Instagram as good_._sunset.

Looking forward to adding a Kinotone to the chain just as soon as I can.