Improvement or Feature?

  1. I suppose we’re not able to save presets that use compression or a few presets and then some that use tape saturation ? If this is correct, could we have half of the CP knob compression and half tape saturation ? The Same as the reverb knob operates; left to 12 o’clock pre FX reverb, past 12 o’clock post FX reverb. So 12 o’clock clockwise saturation and counter clockwise compression

  2. I wish the noise/crackle Pot would work to get less noise/cracke. Even on 12 o’clock (noon) settings the volume of both is too high. So I suppose there are two ways to implement this
    a) Have a volume control over crackle/noise (hold down the touch and turn the “NO” knob) Also this could work to change color of the noise. The only way to change color now is to use LP/HP on the first page which affect the entire signal.
    b) the noon settings could have both crackle/noise on 30%. So If I need to dial more noise i’d go to 11 o’clock to get 100% noise and 20% crackle and 2 o’clock would be crackle 100% volume and noise 20%, also color of the noise or crackle would be appreciated: 7-9 LP noise, 9-11 HP noise/crackle, 11-1 o’clock LP noise/cracle 1-3 HP crackle, 3-4 LP crackle so the filter would be going LP->HP->LP->HP->LP or vice versa which ever is more organic.

  3. An Unusual request, I wish there was an option for any of the effects on page 2 and 3 to be ‘slightly’ synced to a tempo. I would still keep the randomness but the huge change(s) in flutter, wow and Dropouts would be synced to a tempo. I would almost propose all frequency knobs (Dropouts, Wow, Flutter) to work in two modes noon to 5 o’clock regular frequency settings and 7 o’clock to noon slightly synced to tempo. I suppose the Touch button could be used for tap tempo somehow. :slight_smile: Also Dropouts 7 to noon would affect crinkle. (I suppose I’m inspired by microcosm that has almost everything tempo synced)

Jaak, In either case the ribbons is a magical pedal. When I ran the guitar via the tape saturation the tone of the guitar with any pedal in chain before ribbons is magical. I will support any new pedal/box you have in development right now b/c I know you will do an excellent job. You kind of reminding me folks with Synthstrom (deluge) that created a magical instrument and listened to user feedback a lot.

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My apologies. Ok, So I think I can resolve #1. if you set the unit to use compression you can save a preset with compression. Same for the tape saturation. So some presets could be with compression and some could be with tape saturation. Thus no need to reboot the pedal, nor a need to split the knob (sorry for that). All you need is to have 1 preset saved with compression, you can then utilize compression and save it as another preset. I suppose it would be good to have “red” presets using compression and blue presets using tape saturation. So no need to split the knob on first page. So please ignore #1.

However I found another 1 candidate for the volume adjustments as described in #2 request to control volume of crackles and noise. (Really need this b/c the only way to change volume of the crackles and noise at the same time is to lower the input level of the instrument. The volume knob on green page MX will raise/lower volume of all crackle & noise & input signals so no way to separate crackle+noise and input level. You know for ambient you don’t need too much noise and crackles :))

Touch Mode 4 Repeater
Has a volume issue or less useful for ambient scenarios. Looking at T2 (touch parameter2) the level of the effected loop/wet level cannot be adjusted. I wish there was an option to put wet less than 100% (mimic a delay effect),
Move the Repeater to start at 3 o’clock on the T2
lover the wet to go to 50% when you reach 3 o’clock.
so 7 o’clock to noon wet= 100%
noon to 3 o’clock go down with wet from 100 to 50% and keep it there till 5 o’clock

I know Jaak has more experience in designing split macro knobs functions so he can come up with better solution.
Why I like split knob functions ? well you can have 2 knobs in one and when I used to program presets for the Novation Circuit I used this concept everywhere I could split a knob to two functions:)

Spending another solid 20 hours with great ribbons pedal (crashing it once) I do want to get some form of the #3 request the tempo synced frequency controls. Not fully tempo controlled that would be unnatural for this pedal but the way I would implement is to have a clock, tap-tempo as a global settings (I think one of the touch has a clean implementation to set tempo (it’s not the repeater :)). So which ever touch effect can benefit using clock/tap tempo could utilize this global setting , thus tap clock globally.
So here is how I’d implement it

  1. Assume you already have tempo tapped for the unit set somehwere in a register.
  2. I’d pick full note, half note, fourth and sixteen notes as sampling spot to pick the random value (S/H sample&Hold device) , then I’d smooth the edges (low pass LFO filter)
    So the frequency knob for tempo based fluctuations would pick the note division full/half/quarter and use that for S/H and that would generate new random for WOW, FLUTTER and DROPOUTS at full/half/quarter note intervals.
    Heck I would even introduce this to LP and HP functions but then we’d need 2-4 bars clock.
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Hey @geo, here is some info that I think answers your questions -

  • #1 - This has been asked before and is on my list of things to investigate. We want to make it possible to switch between compresison and saturation in the box without needing to send a MIDI CC or install a firmware file. Not sure yet if it will be a split knob or a button combo.

  • #2 - No promises but I can maybe look into fine-tuning the taper of the noise and crackle knob.

  • The Repeater is like a CD skipping effect. I modeled it after the slip and slip roll effects from pioneer DJ mixers. This is mainly used in techno and dance music. If you want to affect the volume of your repeated loop you can use the mix knob. If you are looking for a delay I would try disintegration loop.

  • Clock synced modulation does sound cool but that’s not something that aligns with my vision for Ribbons. You will probably like our next pedal though! :wink: