Humble request: input level meter

Pie-in-the-sky wish: a mode utilizing the LEDs as an input level meter. I drive the Ribbons input pretty hard and find it kind of exhausting to listen for distortion to adjust levels. The LEDs already have the ability to display multiple colors, so it’d be nice if they could be used for visual indication of signal strength going into the unit.

This is something I’ve thought about for awhile but I couldn’t decide on the best way to do it.

Couple ideas:

  • If the user doesn’t press any buttons or knobs for 15 seconds then the 4 page LEDs display a VU meter
    • Maybe this could be enabled via MIDI CC and persistent between power cycles?
  • If the input signal clips then the Bypass LED could flicker to indicate the level is too hot

Any other ideas?

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Those are interesting ideas. Displaying it after a certain time occurred to me, but I feel like it should be optional since the color coding of the pages is so integral to the UI. I also really like the idea of having an LED flicker when overloaded.

One thing I considered was a really long press of the button next to the LED bank, perhaps in combination with another switch.

My biggest question is if it’s even worthwhile to dedicate the entire bank to it? Like how much value would a user get from seeing the levels turn from green to yellow to red? Is it more than enough to just flash “HOT” when it happens? This isn’t a mixer, after all. There’s no gain staging here.

What about a hybrid approach? If someone wanted a full VU meter have a dedicated mode that can be switched to temporarily via CC or whatever, but have a simpler approach active all the time. Like what if the entire LED bank lights up bright, blinking red when the signal is too hot? There’d be no ambiguity there. And just have it turn off as the signal drops low enough.

I’m just happy that it’s at least feasible. I think it would add a lot to make the experience smoother.

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I like that! We’ll need some time to investigate, test, and then update our documentation but I should be able to include at least one of those options (or something like them) in the next firmware update.

Thanks so much for the feedback and appreciate your patience while I work on the next update.