Got this a couple months ago

What can I say, I’m a big fan. Gonna need a little touch up though


:blush: Cute! The flower makes for a great tattoo.

Some background on our logo:

About 10 years ago I was obsessed with a blog called Toys and Techniques, which was curated by a wonderful person from Vermont named Ben Graves. He used to collect all sorts of beautiful ephemera and music from ~1960-1980 and he would share mixtapes and scans of art on the blog. I think Ben discontinued it in 2015 to focus on his family and being a teacher but he’s maintained the site and most of it is still available for viewing and listening. It really changed the trajectory of my interests and got me obsessed with warbly cassettes, synthesizers, and experimental music. I stumbled across this post about a gospel folk record from The Retreat Singers once upon a time and I just loved the flower on the cover so much I decided to remix it.


Another fun fact: our name Kinotone more or less translates to “cinematic sound” but my friend Lynn got the inspiration for it from another blog we both loved called DispoKino, which is similar to Toys and Techniques.


Happy to know the history behind it, very cool. I look forward to checking out the blog.

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