Feature Request: Ribbons Disintegration Loop MIDI Sync

I managed to get a Ribbons a couple of weeks ago and have been really impressed by it.

One thing I would love to see if it’s possible is MIDI/bpm sync for the Disintegration Loop mode. Out of sync can be fun but in sync can be too!

Hey there! Thanks for the kind words and we’re glad you’re enjoying Ribbons.

It was quite a bit of work to make MIDI clock sync work for the four track looper, so it isn’t high on our list of priorities but it’s a cool idea and we’ll keep it in mind. :slightly_smiling_face:

In the mean time the four track looper is great for MIDI clock synced loops - the only difference is that the loops don’t decay/disintegrate over time.

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Thanks for responding!

I figured it wouldn’t be a quick addition! But I thought I’d throw it out there in case others might be interested in the feature.

Back to enjoying all the existing features!