Feature Request: Christmas list

Ribbons rules as it is but here is my wish list :slight_smile:

1.- Be able to save the page with the preset
2.- Looper post FX
3.- Pan per loop instead of the speed scale, or perhaps combine the speed and direction in one knob to free the other one for a pan?
4.- Magnetic Dance fade out (trails to smooth the play back stop)
5.- Have the touch LED red and orange while recording and overdubbing for the LOOPER and the DISINTEGRATION LOOP


Hey @Cornelius :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks so much for all the great feedback. See my responses below:

I would need a little more support from our user base to move forward with it but it could be done.

I’m feeling enough momentum behind this request that I’ll be investigating it for the next update. I’ll have to add a MIDI CC for it and do some testing but I feel like it should work.

Same thing here - I would need a little more support from our user base to move forward with this but it might be possible. I’d have to run some tests to make sure the extra code doesn’t overload the CPU when all four loops are running simultaneously.

How would you enable the fade out? MIDI CC? Or are you just requesting a more gentle fade out / fade in by default?

The Touch and Bypass LEDs can only be blue, green, or light blue. This is why there are flickering patterns for touch modes 3-6.

How come? Ribbons has 6 RGB LEDs, which is actually 6 x 3 = 18 LEDs in total. When I designed the electronics I wasn’t able to find a good option for an 18 channel LED driver but I was able to find 16. So I thought it would be an OK compromise to drop the red LED from the footswitches because I didn’t think I would need it. Turns out it may have been handy for the touch footswitch to provide distinct colors for the touch modes and while recording.

Can we find a way to improve things anyway? I think so.

For the four track looper - I totally get that the light blue LED color is a little difficult to distinguish from the ramping LED. Could green be an OK compromise? It would be different enough from the blue ramping pattern. I think that could be an improvement.

For disintegration loop - maybe a different pattern all together. I’ll need to think on this one.


Hey Jaak; it is so nice to be able to be in contact with you, it is not just the ribbons is incredible, it’s all the things that you and your team are doing around the platform.

I’ll clarify a little some of the requests.

About saving the page on the preset is because normally when I use a preset I already know what page I want to edit, most of the time is the rev and touch page.

About the pan per loop, I know for sure that there are many keyboard players that are using Ribbons so it is really nice to make som space in the mix by panning things.

About the magnetic Dance I’m just requesting a more gentle fade out / fade in by default?

About the LED colours I totally understand and yes I think the green can be nice and clear.

For the relation between the disintegration loop and the 4 trk. looper it would be nice to have the speed in the same knob so perhaps you can switch the knobs for the speed and speed scale in the 4 trk. looper? that way it can be easier to remember. I play all the time with the speed :slight_smile:

All the best and thanks for this incredible creative machine :slight_smile:

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First time poster, longtime lurker: as everyone has already said, Ribbons is mind blowing. It’s a pedalboard killer; like, the whole board, at least for producing my little ditties at home.

I’ve been watching the threads here about the 4-track looper and magnetic dance. I would concur that
having the looper post-fx and smoothing the magnetic dance trigger would be huge improvements for me. Magnetic dance, especially, seemed like it would be a cool novelty but not my fave effect. Upon playing with the pedal for about a month, it’s has turned into my fave touch mode, but smooth triggering would make it more usable in performance applications.

I’m also really compelled by the idea of panning the loops and could part with separate knobs for direction, speed and speed scale. I agree that combining direction with speed, while leaving scale, similar to the quantization toggle in Count to Five, sounds best to me. Of course, I have no idea how difficult it would be to implement this.

On a broader note, the 4-track looper was the feature I was most stoked about, but I find myself using disintegration loop more due to its ease. I think the 4-track looper would come more in handy if I could wrap my head around programming midi to change tracks/clear/mute with my feet or with the push of a button on a keystep etc. However, I think using the looper after fx would compel me to work with its interface more frequently.

Thank you Jaak for creating this device and fostering such a lively forum. Such an amazing piece of gear to bring together a music community.


Also really like the idea of combining speed/direction to make room for a pan knob!

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Hi all,

Thanks for all the great feedback! See my comments below:

Save the page with the preset - imo it’s pretty fast and easy to toggle between the pages and it would be a decent amount of work to add this, so as I said, I would need more support to move forward with it.

Pan per loop - this is something I can investigate. If added it would be via MIDI CC.

Looper post FX - I will also investigate adding this via MIDI CC.

Magnetic Dance gentle fade in / out by default - I have heard this one before and can investigate.

LED colors for the loopers - sounds like we’re on the same page.

Just to temper expectations a little when it comes to feature requests… I am open to making small changes / improvements here and there when they makes sense, are broadly desired, and (at this point) do not change the UI of the device itself (so e.g. adding more options via MIDI is generally ok).

Changing the knob functions of the 4 track looper would be pretty complicated and I think also confusing for a lot of people. Ribbons has been out for about 9 months now and lots of people have copies of our manual which reflects firmware v1.3. So we’ve basically put a stake in the ground as to what Ribbons does and how it works, and I’m more resistant to making changes that would contradict what’s described in the paper manual.

We don’t cover MIDI in our paper manual and I am more open to adding additional functionality that way, in which case we’ll update the online version that also covers MIDI, CV, etc.

I hope that makes sense and you can understand where I’m coming from. :slight_smile:


At this point we’re going to need a Ribbons Pro with more knobs :slight_smile:

+1 post-fx on looper and gentle Magnetic Dance!

Thought I’d add my little request here: if there’s any way to have access to the compression AND the saturation, that would be killer. I like both options a lot, and think that both really add to the core ‘tape emulation’ effect I’m after with Ribbons. (Of course, if both were tweakable with a knob, that would be cool. Or if current compression knob could also be used to change the saturation settings if you held down another button. But I’d even be psyched if either the compression or the saturation was only tweakable via MIDI if it meant both could be used simultaneously)

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Hey @wrentreestar sorry for the delayed response. It’s a cool idea but in certain usage scenarios Ribbons’ CPU is just about maxed out running around 98-99%. The algorithms are fine-tuned to never go above this. Any updates or changes have to be carefully tested to make sure they don’t result in undesirable tradeoffs. Having access to the compression and saturation at the same time would definitely max out the CPU and result in some pretty nasty glitches and artifacts.

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Hi! I’ve been trying my new Ribbons this week and I’m very stoked. My most used features so far are the lush Reverb, Compression, Filters, and… Magnetic Dance :heart:

I would request if it would be possible to enable a “smooth” mode for Magnetic Dance so, besides the fade in/out, it also fades the heads when they jump location to smooth the texture since otherwise, I have to max out the reverb mix for it to sound smooth. This would allow having a lower reverb mix while still having a smooth texture from Magnetic Dance. I understand that there’s a certain aesthetic to not smoothing it, so I would make it optional through a MIDI CC message, but for ambient music, it would be so much… smoother :slightly_smiling_face: Also, a very cool feature would be a “moonwalk dance” forward/reverse mode in which some heads play forward and some play reverse and they alternate from forward to reverse each time after jumping location.

Hi @ale.garciaiglesias - glad you finally got a Ribbons and are having fun with it so far. :slightly_smiling_face:

We have definitely gotten some good feedback about Magnetic Dance in the past and overall I plan to spend a little time with it to make the experience / sounds smoother. I’ll think about how the tape heads move as part of that, but I agree that it can be jumpy and abrupt depending on the material that gets captured.

Something like this wouldn’t change the functionality of the mode or anything in the user manual so I would just dial in subtle changes. No need for another MIDI CC option for this.

As for the “moonwalk dance” - that’s a cool idea but would be difficult to integrate into the UI. I think the best way to achieve something like this is to just use the 4-track looper. You can have some loops playing forward and some playing backwards which might yield similar results.

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I got a secondhand Ribbons, and am loving it! After two weeks of diving into all the lovely sounds within, I’m starting to get a grip on what it’s capable of! Since it’s now closer to Christmas, I wonder if there would be an easier way to implement the Compression or Saturation rather than midi or firmware? I think it would be cool to switch between the two on the fly, or at least be able to make a preset with a compressor and another preset with the saturation rather than it being an effect replacement. Although I’m not sure if there are any available switch combinations to make that happen on the fly!


It’s funny, when the Saturation option was added I was sure that I was going to want to use that rather than the Compression…but then I realized how key the Compression was when using the Disintegration Loop touch mode. But then again, using the Saturation with the Disintegration Loop touch mode brings in all kinds of unpredictable harmonic resonances. So I end up using both often. Right now I’m okay with switching via MIDI, but if there were an in-the-box way to switch I’d probably use it.


As I started using the Disintegration Loop more, I realized that it would be more practical for the touch button to go from record to overdub to play, rather than record to play to overdub since it otherwise renders Frippertronics-style looping very difficult. I always find myself recording until the max loop length is reached so that it starts overdubbing rather than having control over when the splice ends. Would be cool if a setting switched the order of the touch button action. Also as @TallWalls mentioned, having compressor and saturation toggled in the unit for the ones of us with computer-less workflows would be cool as well. I didn’t explore the saturation with the Disintegration Looper, but I find myself using the compressor often.

So one thought to workaround this, tap in your loop length, then a rapid double tap will put the device back into record/overdub. I have had some fun with this.

Sure that works if you know what you want your loop length to be, but I can see why you’d want to able to record and know that the 40 second loop point won’t cut off your signal.

I feel like the looper post-fx would have similar issues when cutting off the reverb?

It feels like nitpicking to complain about this pedal but a few of the features mentioned in the last few posts do sound very appealing though. Switching comp/sat more easily (though I’m finally actually exploring proper midi control) and smoother control/looping of some of the tape modes would be amazing.

@jaakjensen I had a shower thought this morning about compression vs saturation on Ribbons. I am sure you already explored this, but I wonder if it would be possible to implement a change where the compression knob is compression AND saturation, similar to how the noise knob works, where noon is no effect, turning clockwise increases the compression and counter-clockwise of noon turns up the saturation? That way presets could have either instead of midi replacement?

It’s possible. :slightly_smiling_face: I don’t think the CPU will allow for compression and saturation at the same time but I do want to make it easier to switch between them. This could be a split knob or a button combo.

I’ve typically resisted changes that invalidate the paper user manual but have been a little more open to the idea lately. We’ve talked about the next batch of Ribbons being a sort of “soft re-launch” where we fine tune some things and maybe include new features via firmware. Changes would be available to current users and we’d update the manual (it is not a V2 / MKII - more like DLC).

We figure, if an existing user goes out of their way to update their unit they would know about any changes and new users will not know the difference.

We’re going to share a list of updates we’re considering sometime soon. I have a list going but am waiting for the right time to share it.