Expression pedal question

What expression pedal do you use, and how are you using it with Ribbons? I’ll be buying my first one soon, and I’m trying to decide between a mini or a bigger one. I’d think you would want a wide sweep for some of the parameters on the Ribbons, like if you were controlling T1 on Magnetic Tape mode, you’d need it pretty wide to be able to carefully switch between chords, and therefore would want a decent sized pedal. Does that seem right?

Overall just really curious how you use your expression pedal with Ribbons and which one you have.


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My two favorite expression pedals to use with Ribbons are:

-Moog EP-3 for use on the floor. This one is pretty big and has a “range” pot, which can be nice if you want to control a specific sweep range - e.g. if you want to sweep from 2-3V instead of the whole 0-5V range. This can be useful for what you’re describing with Magnetic Dance.

-Old Blood Noise Expression Slider for tabletop use. Simple and straightforward.

A friend of mine was recently doing some super cool stuff with the Repeater touch mode set to “resampling mode” and then he had the LPF mapped to the expression pedal. He would strike a chord, causing the repeater to sample the chord, and then he would fade it in using the expression pedal, which resulted in this super cool filter sweep tremolo effect.


Thanks for the tips, I’ve checked both of those out. I’ll probably go for a Fender tread-light volume/exp because I do want to put it on my board and the size is reasonableish. But I’ll check the range pot specs. Thanks again.

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