Enclosure swaps for current customers

If you have pre-ordered a Ribbons and want to switch your color selection, just shoot us an email at the support email below.

Hi all,

We are opening a limited window for current Ribbons users to get their enclosure color swapped out if they want to. My strong preference is to handle all swaps directly as we are not expecting many requests and it would be more time consuming to coach others through it.

After some consideration we are limiting this to U.S. orders only. Very sorry but the cost of international shipping 2 ways would be too high, and I just don’t have a lot of bandwidth right now to create resources to guide people through the process. I am open to helping international folks swap our their enclosure sometime after our current production run has ended (later this spring) - e.g. we can mail you an enclosure and provide a video tutorial for swapping it out.

Anyway … for U.S. customers, if you would like to swap out your enclosure, please complete all of the following steps by Friday, March 17th April 15th:

  1. Email support@kinotoneaudio.com including:
  • Your full name
  • Proof of purchase (it’s ok if you didn’t buy direct from us)
  • Mailing address
  1. Send $30 to kinotoneaudio@gmail.com via PayPal. Please reference your name if it isn’t clear. It’s easiest for us to handle payments this way rather than set up a whole new product / sale flow in our webstore. $30 covers the cost of one enclosure (~$15), + USPS Priority shipping one way, fully insured (~$15).

  2. Once we receive your request and payment, we’ll provide you the address to mail your unit to.
    You must mail it unit using a method that is trackable and fully insured (USPS Priority, FedEx Ground, UPS Ground, etc).

Once we receive your unit we will do our best to turn it around and mail it back to you within 2 business days.

@natebunnyfield @AnalogOrange - I know you have been waiting for this so tagging you as an FYI.

Let me know if anyone has questions. Thanks!