Disintegration Loop - Unable to record [Resolved]

Hi Jaak, I must be missing something. Have tried for a while to record but get nowhere.

I just received my B stock unit. Presuming 1.3 is loaded since the factory reset works.

Could you spell out how to use the looper for those of us having trouble?

I’m able to record micro loops in Repeater (flickering green) Touch mode, but when I’m flickering Blue mode for Disintegration Looper I’m unable to trigger recording or get playback. This is using the Init all green preset as suggested, and will all dials adjusted to 40-60% while in the D.Looper mode.

As you know, the manual says to either hold Touch down to record and release to stop recording, or tap Touch to record and tap again to stop recording. However, pressing or tapping Touch while it’s flickering blue and the Bypass is on switches the blue light off. Tapping again turns it back on but no sound plays back. I tried applying some of the extra instructions for Repeater such as tapping Bypass to latch, but am getting nowhere.



You mentioned that you’re using the flickering blue touch mode.

Is it flickering dark blue or flickering light blue?

Flickering dark blue is crushed cassette. Flickering light blue is disintegration loop.

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I should have specified Light Blue touch mode, however after more experimenting I figured out what I was missing. It didn’t click that the note in the manual about T1 and T2 being on page 4 mean that I had to tap Push 3x to advance to Page 4. Once I was there I had to increase the level of the two right knobs to 3 o’clock as mentioned in the manual. They must default to a very low value regardless of knob position when you switch to Page 4 which meant the loop was so short as to be non existent. New user issue :slight_smile:

@jaakjensen Perhaps in a future fw version the default value of Touch modes could be set to a medium/usable amount?

For anyone else who is having trouble here are my steps to getting it going.

These are starting from a factory reset so we’re all in the same state.

  1. Set two left knobs LP to Max. HP hard left.
  2. Set tow right knobs to 3 o’clock
  3. test levels
  4. press Push button, and tap Touch 5x until you’re Touch LED is flickering pale blue.
  5. press bypass so green light is on
  6. tap Push button 3x until the right-most light is red (that is page 4).
  7. set top right knob (T1, “decay”) to 1 o’clock
  8. set bottom right knob (T2, “direction/speed”) to 3 o’clock.
  9. tap Touch to start recording. Play some music.
  10. tap Touch again to stop recording. Loop playback will begin. Touch LED will start as dark blue, and will lighten as the loop progresses.
  11. adjust two right knobs to see how they effect the loop.
  12. tap Touch again to overdub. Tap again to stop overdub recording.
  13. keep in mind the effect of T1 only decays the tape loop when Touch is held down. So optionally, you can keep Touch depressed to record and overdub, then keep it down to allow the decay amount to do its cool thing. Then you can release Touch so the loop continues as is without further degradation.

All the info is in the manual, but can be misunderstood as a new user of Ribbons. Figuring this out the hard way actually helped me understand the whole setup much better.

Hope this helps someone.


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Nice! Glad you got that sorted. :white_heart: As you mentioned, the Touch Mode controls are only on page 4 (red page). If you are on any other page those knobs have different functions.

The default values for T1 and T2 are already set to a usable setting in each preset. The selected Touch Mode is also stored in a preset, so the T1 and T2 settings are specific to whatever Touch Mode is stored in that slot.

For example, the Init Preset (Preset 1) has the Touch Mode set to Magnetic Dance and the T1 and T2 knobs are set to a usable setting. Those T1 and T2 settings aren’t suitable for every Touch Mode though, and there isn’t really a way to create default settings that work for all of them.

I think users can achieve what you’re suggesting by creating their own presets with the Touch Modes that they like set to medium/usable amounts. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey Jaak. Thanks for your help. Good to know about T1, T2 values being stored in the preset. Using preset 3 or 4 plus Disintegration Looper at least is a starting place to experiment from, with levels that work, if a little extra crunchy!