Can CV/EXP or MIDI inputs be used for external tap tempo?

Hey @jaakjensen, is it possible to send tap tempo to the midi or exp inputs from a tr cable
Connected to another pedal, specifically the walrus audio pedals output tap tempo (and receive) from the tap 1/4 Jack. I’ve connected the walrus pedal to other pedals with a tap input and they sync together, it’s pretty handy.

Would it be possible to send this signal to ribbons, if the midi jumper is positioned correctly?

Hi Rich,

I’m sorry but Ribbons doesn’t currently support this feature.

Unlike some other popular pedal companies, we wired our MIDI connector to follow the MIDI standard and accommodate a couple of other non-standard MIDI connections instead of using it as a Tap Tempo input. We figured that most people these days would synchronize Ribbons’ Four Track Looper and the Repeater touch mode via MIDI clock.

The CV/EXP input also doesn’t support tap tempo / clock syncing and it would be a bit complicated to implement but I could look into it. It’s not a high priority thing for us at the moment but something I think could be beneficial.

Thanks Jaak, that sounds good.
I currently have a Walrus ARP-87 connected with a TR cable to a Swindler Effects - Red Mountain Tremolo, the tap on the walrus controls both.

Btw, I got a ribbons today, I’m glad it worked out. Cheers

Hey Jaak, I’ve been having fun with the looper mode lately and I have a question about the overdubs, just wondering why the loop length isn’t synced when switching to another track to overdub?
Having the 4 tracks go out of phase is pretty cool honestly, but is there any way to sync the 4 tracks when looping? (First loop length as master and each subsequent loop follows that length staying in time)
As I understand it, the looper would stay in sync if supplied with midi clock?

Hey @Rich - glad you’re having fun with the looper!

My intention with the 4 track looper was to create an experimental looper that complemented all of the tape effects, and imo that was best achieved with an async looper. It wasn’t really meant to be an end-all utility looper.

Yes - you can keep your tracks synced if supplied with MIDI clock. There is info about this in our online manual.

You can also overdub infinitely on a single track and it will stay synced! :slightly_smiling_face:

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