Best uses and gear combos

Sorry for the length of this. I only seem capable of dumping my thoughts on this pedal here several months at a time.

TLDR: what are you having success with using Ribbons?


I feel like I’ve had the Ribbons for a while now and I’m still working things out. How have people found they use it most/best?

I only just tried it with a bass guitar and it’s so good. Turning basically every knob to half way on compression, all degradation effects, crackle and reverb, then only using a little bit of the mix with an expression pedal. Slow, rattley ambient stuff just sounds so amazing and atmospheric like this.

Most of the time I get distracted with recording endless layers of asynchronous guitar arpeggios just bringing the filters and the reverb up and down, but feel like I need to try out some different techniques.

As I’m fully rambling now I may as well throw this question in. Is there any documentation anywhere of the signal chain within the pedal, meaning order of filter, compression, tape effects etc. It’s fantastic being able to move the reverb but keep catching myself out expecting the filter to be pre-verb. Just curious if you can see it as a diagram anywhere.

I’m looking at adding the OBNE Float filter to my board and can’t quite suss out which side of the Ribbons would be more useful.


I’m still back and forth looking at midi control surfaces. I’m more fluid with the page controls but I’d love to have 16 pots available for the front 4 pages and essentially just leave the unit on the 4 track looper by default.

How have people got on with the Faderfox or Midifighter options? There seem to be a few suitable controllers but some only give USB out, which would need an interface or some sort of adapter, correct?

Endless or finite encoders? The ‘catch-up’ system works well when flipping between pages, but I’d love to have full control of all parameters and in that scenario I think a finite controller would actually be preferable so it always indicates the correct position?

I have a beatstep pro that I should really test this out with before committing, but I feel like the endless encoders might not actually be helpful in this instance? I guess the pads/buttons for things like CC change on comp/sat would be useful too. I also want something smaller that can go on a pedal train nano.

Anybody use an expression controller for the touch effects? It can be slightly unintuitive (to me) to use some of them with a pedal rather than a switch, but an interesting way to mix it up.

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I’ll make one and put it in the user manual! Thanks for the feedback.

I think I would use the Float after Ribbons to add some more stereo movement to the reverb, loops, etc.

Also the float is rad but you may want to wait and see what we have coming in 2024 :slightly_smiling_face:

Have you considered the Muisc Thing Modular 8mu? It’s not 16 sliders - only 8 but it has multiple banks so you could get everything on two banks. It’s basically identical to the faderfox but smaller. You use the little buttons on the sides to switch the banks. Nice and compact, about the size of a credit card. It’s powered by USB but could be powered by a portable USB battery pack. Requires a small amount of soldering. If you can’t solder maybe you can have a friend do it for you. I built mine in less than 10 minutes.

I really like the 8mu and it’s plug and play with Ribbons using TRS midi. Super easy to customize the MIDI CC’s per fader using their web editor too.

I wish I could have designed the CV input to handle standard sustain pedals and standard expression pedals but sadly, it wasn’t possible. If you can solder it’s easy to create a footswitch that can control the touch footswitch externally. I could provide a schematic/instructions. That way you could control Touch with a footswitch while the pedal is on your table or synth.


Thanks for all the prompt replies.

I was going to commit to the Float as soon as I settle on the best deal, so that’s thrown a real spanner in the works. How much info is out there at this point? I can only see one thread on here where you mention the new pedal. I guess there’s no specific ETA or details yet.

I’ll have a think about how two of those 8mu controllers together might work. It’s the parameters not being accurately shown when switching banks that puts me off going with only 8 controls. Maybe that negates the reduced cost/space vs other controllers at that point though.

I’m not actually against using the expression controller for those binary controls, it just takes a bit of getting used to.

I should also clarify on the reverb/filter thing it does switch from be pre-post verb, depending where you place the reverb in the chain, which makes complete sense.

Thanks again. Hoping to hear how others are enjoying this thing, as there seem to be near endless possibilities.

I’m trying to change the MIDI jumpers to type B to test with my Arturia controller. The jumpers don’t look the same to me as the image in the other thread on here and online manual (Ribbons User Manual - Kinotone &

Maybe I’m looking at it wrong or these components have changed slightly? I’m fairly sure I want to take the ‘[’ and ‘]’ shape brackets and move them down a slot, but really don’t want to start yanking things with pliers without being 100% sure, not least because I’m in the UK and this would be a nightmare to fix.

Those are the jumpers. We used slightly different ones when we wrote the manual.

The ones in your unit have slightly longer handles that are easier to grip with a pliers or tool.

You’re just fine to move them down one position. Just be careful of ESD! :zap:

Otherwise nothing to worry about :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, never fear about repairs. We have some amazing repair tools and can fix just about anything on Ribbons for free. If something were to go wrong, all you’d have to do is send it in the mail.

All up and running now - thanks for clarifying that.

This is fantastic to use having instant control of all parameters. I’m finding being able to toggle instantly between saturation/compression by hitting a pad incredibly useful already. A pad for each touch mode is nice too.

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A little late but here is that signal flow diagram for Ribbons.