Are Wow And Flutter Stereo?


I’ve recently discovered this pedal and I have watched a few demos, but I can’t tell if wow and flutter are processed separately per channel!! If not, is there an option to make the wow and flutter independent per channel?

I need a pedal like this to add stereo width to a stereo analog delay with mono options (Flower Pedals Dahlia) with the additional lofi features!!

Thanks!! :slight_smile:

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Hi @SunTzuBean -

The effects that give you separate processing on the left and right channels are Dropouts and Crinkle:

“Dropouts emulate the sound of tape getting stuck momentarily and then catching up. So think physical interruptions, like tape getting snagged on an object, or intentionally manipulating a tape during playback.”

“Crinkle emulates surface-level imperfections on a wrinkly piece of cassette tape. By turning up this knob you crumple up the tape more and more. You’ll hear brief moments of signal loss as the tape separates from the tape head.”

Wow and Flutter apply the same processing to the left and right channels. We did try separate processing on the left and right for these controls initially and generally found weird phase cancellation issues when summed to mono.

If you are using Wow + Flutter and dial in some Dropouts or Crinkle that is an easy way to create variety across the stereo field. They are all complementary effects and work well together (especially at subtle settings).

Hope that helps. :slightly_smiling_face:


That would create a very interesting chorus though!