An idea for Ribbons feature: ADT

Hi !

I was thinking that one great addition ofr the Ribbons could be ADT. I don’t know if it’s doable or if this subject has already been discussed but Ribbons being a tape simulator, it certainly qualifies for ADT effects. I already own a deco v2 but i admit i would be curious to see how the Ribbons could handle this.


Ribbons can sort of do ADT. When you dial in some Wow & Flutter on Page 2 and then set the Mix knob to noon on Page 1, you get a a tape-flange / chorus / ADT type effect.

This is because all pitch modulation effects have a small amount of latency. The latency and depth of the pitch modulation are adjusted when you turn the wow or flutter Depth knobs. So if you mix this slightly latent signal with your dry signal, you’re essentially doing what a double tracker would do - mixing your dry signal with a delayed signal from a tape player.

Of course, you can’t dial out the modulation (aka get the latency without the Wow & Flutter). If you’re requesting a way to do that, well… I’m not sure it would be possible within the current Ribbons UI.

So there’s not exactly ADT but you can get a decent approximation as is.

Yeah i got that.

But i was thinking about a new touch mode enhancing those effects to have a doubler. Maybe with T1 controlling the blend and T2 the time (for example). and then you still can play with Wow and flutter and all the stuff.

Just an idea anyway but a slight (few ms) separation of the 2 “tracks” could do a wonderful doubler IMHO.

There’s some stuff I’d need to sort through before knowing if another Touch Mode is possible - CPU and flash memory constraints, and also limitations relating to the LEDs. With the way things are wired the Touch and Bypass footswitch LEDs can only be green, icy blue, or dark blue. So with the current 6 Touch Modes represented by those 3 colors (solid and flickering LED) we are at max.

I wired things this way because originally there were only 3 (Magnetic Dance, Tape Stop, Broken Machine). The others were all added via firmware update. I never imagined there would be 6 though :laughing:

If we really wanted to try doing another Touch Mode it would have to be something I feel drawn to / excited about, and a doubler just isn’t part of my vision for Ribbons.

I appreciate the idea though. Thanks for the feedback!

Yeah i’m aware for the 16 channel led driver.
Was just an idea anyway, if you’ve got other exciting ideas please go on :wink:
(i know there’s another pedal coming, will watch for it)

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