16n Faderbank & Midi


I have a 16n Faderbank and the Midi Out on the 16n is a mini-jack TRS cable. Is it OK to connect the 16n directly to the Ribbons using a TRS mini-jack to 1/4" TRS jack cable without any adaptors and do I need to change the jumper settings in the Ribbons?



Should work just fine. Just set the TRS setting on the 16n to the Korg/Make Noise setting and it will be compatible with Ribbons right out of the box. No need to change the jumpers.

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Thanks, I’ll give it a try

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I think I’m going to pick one of these up today from Thonk. Seems really similar to the Faderbank. Should also be directly compatible with Ribbons using TRS MIDI.

I bought the Atov Project pre-assembled as my DIY skills are non-existant :grin:

I just connnected the 2 and they work perfectly together, it’s just a pity there are only 16 channels of CC at one time

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