Introducing Our New Pedal — Sparks

-curious how this sounds with a random waveform tremolo at faster rates settings. Any chance of a sound clip?

We’re accepting 300 pre-order slots and we’re about halfway through that.


I don’t have one prepared at the moment but I’ll add it to our list for recording and/or filming next week. Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Great, sounds great, thanks Jaak!

The Sparks is a great idea and hopefully it will lead to more releases of MIDI controlled analog pedals. Would like to see a flanger like the Spectre but with an external volume knob and without all the noise.

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What about the recovery effects - ghost writer guitar to midi pedal? I’ve been thinking of getting one for this very reason!

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Neither of us have tried it but it seems like that should work!

I’ve used the Sonuus G2M to control the Ribbons synth with my guitar and it works pretty well. It’s not a pedal, so it would be harder to integrate into a pedalboard than the Recovery Effects device, but it costs less than half of what the Ghost Writer costs.

Yes please do:) i would love to hear synth tones with just the guitar and pedal :))

Honestly, this looks like one of the most impressive and useful pedals ever made: a rival to what is currently the most useful pedal in my arsenal, which is also made by y’all. Goodness.

This seems blasphemous to even ask, but do you think there ever might be an option for a reverse sawtooth waveform? My favorite filter pedal is the Vongon paragraphs, which has a percussive plunk like no other. It can be dialed in to have a sharp but slightly rounded attack. I was wondering if this might contain functionality to get that plunk at some point.

Regardless, wizardry. And sorry for asking when Sparks already exceeds what most thought possible in analog circuitry.

For the LFO? It’s already in there. Using the LFO mapping system you can set the intensity and the polarity of the LFO to any control.

So you just use the normal saw and then reverse the polarity - boom, reverse sawtooth!


Incredible. I fried my Paragraphs trying to send cv dynamic envelope changes to an expression jack I put in. This solves everything!

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sparks with MPC 60


Omg I love this! Can you email the video to me? I’d love to share it on our Instagram.

(FYI @gusTGE was on our beta team which is why he has a Sparks already).


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Hi, looking so much forward to check this pedal out! I don’t want to disturb and interrupt you while production is going on, but it would be really cool to hear a comparison of the distortion alone on sparks, compared with other well known distortion pedals.