Feature Request: CC for Ignore MIDI Clock

Although I love syncing my ribbons to midi clock, sometimes it would be nice to be able to send a CC to tell ribbons to ignore the clock, while still allowing me to control the pedal with midi.

This is a pretty standard feature on Chase Bliss pedals (MIDI CC 51) and has also just been added to Vongon’s Polyphrase (in the latest beta firmware) with great success.

I feel this would be a great addition to the pedal and hopefully wouldn’t require much dev time.
High value, low effort (ish?)

Thanks for your work Jaak.


Oops. I didn’t realize there was a standard message for that. :sweat_smile: I’ll add that to the list for the next update. Thanks for letting me know!


It’s not standard so much as it’s become a soft convention amongst the Chase Bliss-inspired MIDI implementations. But it would be so very useful with a device as powerful as Ribbons. Thanks @jaakjensen !


Is this the sort of thing you’d expect to be persistent between power cycles? Or would it be OK if it defaulted to accept MIDI clock when booted up and then you send MIDI CC51 when you want it to be ignored?

I see why it might be nice if it was persistent but I could see it be equally confusing if someone accidentally turned it off.

I’m thinking I’ll push a minor FW revision this week just for this.

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I wouldn’t expect it to be persistent (I’m not sure if it is on my Strymon and Chase Bliss pedals but I don’t have that expectation). Agreed about it being potentially confusing.

Thank you for the thoughtful consideration as always @jaakjensen. Be well.

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I’ve uploaded this firmware update to the development blog. Let me know if this works as expected for you. I tested it using an Ableton M4L device and it seemed to work correctly. I don’t have any other tools I can use to send MIDI CC 51 though.

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Thank you @jaakjensen — I will try it out this evening (Eastern Time).

If there’s a way to make a global setting for ignoring midi clock that would be super helpful to me. I’ll be using the ribbons on a live board and only want my delays to accept midi clock. This will give me more freedom when working with the looper independent from my delays.

Already implemented. MIDI CC51. 0 to Ignore, >=1 to Listen. This setting is global and not embedded in any of Ribbons’ presets.